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I Am a MyBootcamp Coach!

By Meplusmytrainer @meplusmytrainer

I am a MyBootcamp Coach!

Me. Ashley. Abby. Lindsey. Kim.

Today I had the opportunity to attend a instructor bootcamp workshop to train to be able to run MyBootcamp, which is a new team training program that GoodLife Fitness is launching. I am already a certified fitness and cycling instructor, so I was keen to see what this bootcamp training would involve. Of course we all know that there are hundreds of bootcamps out there, from Bridal to Booty, so my hope was that this bootcamp training would be a little different. One of the many great things about GoodLife is when we decide to launch something, we plan, we train and we execute so our members are given the best possible products, service and experience. I was attending the training today with Lindsey who works with me on GoodLife's Club Opening Team. I was so glad to be attending this training with her, it's always more fun to "go back to school" with a friend or someone you know.
So, as I blog about this I am now an official Bootcamp Coach. See below for proof!

I am a MyBootcamp Coach!

manual. certification. whistle. stop watch.

The main thing that I took away from today was how to vary my coaching when I am teaching. Kim Lavender who is the Director of Team Training for GoodLife fitness. She is one super smart lady. She is the kind of person that teaches you something every time to talk to her, even if it is only for five minutes. Maybe you're thinking of someone in your life that is like this. She is smart, passionate and genuinely cares. We went through the workout, the movements, functional training, assessments, layout of the workouts and then we got to coaching. This is where is got interesting!
We talked about Coaching Authenticity. It is different for everyone. For me it means being genuine and caring when I coach others. It means that I will always bring best and prepare in advance to ensure my participants have a great experience. Being focused and connect with members each time.
We talked about motivating with the why. Why your participants are here. What brought them to the gym and to the bootcamp. Everyone is different. Something that I am guilty of doing when I teach a class is saying things like "Awesome!" "Great Job" "Woohoo" etc. We talking about changing the way we motivate by taking it to the next level. Saying something like "This is your workout. Those extra 2 pushups are making you stronger and fitter" can have much bigger and lasting impact than just saying "Way to Go". Finding out what really makes people tick and usually if you are with them at the gym, what makes them tick is their fitness goals. If you can connect with someone, even if it is just for a second it can make a huge impact.
Lastly, motivating with sensory cues. Using hear, see and feeling cues. In general you should use cueing to initiate movement, advise corrections and motivate and inspire. Switching up your cues will help you connect with different people as we all have different learning styles.
Sounds like lots of words and learning, especially for a summer Friday afternoon, right? I will keep it simple here by simply saying whatever you do for a living, or whatever your passions are don't forget to keep sharpening your skills with training and ongoing education and development. Network and build relationships with like minded individuals and work with those people to never stop learning and always get better, every day. If you are in a role where you motivate or coach people, remember that you need to connect with them on some level to keep them engaged and coming back again and again. Keeping your coaching- dynamic, focused on the "why" and use cuing to encourage a positive response. Coach Lav quote "Say it the way you want it". Awesome. We aren't just another fitness club, we do care and we do want to connect with our members and make a difference. This isn't just another Booty Bootcamp.
Oh and today was a decent day nutritionally as well! I am making quinoa salad with kale (I may or may not be slightly obsessed with Kale this week) green onions, tomatoes, garlic, EVOO and lemon juice. I may have a little chicken as well, although I have had lots of protein today...What would Kyle say if I was preparing a meal with no meat?? WWKD?
I am a MyBootcamp Coach!

I am far to lazy tonight to include pictures of my food or any details on how to prepare what I ate. It takes alot of time to photograph your food. I notice that there are tons and tons, like thousands and thousands of blogs out there about food and recipes and I am trying to figure out how this blog may fit in there. Am I just another one of those blogs? Maybe. lol. The one thing I know, is for some reason I like to take photos of my food I have for years. Is this normal? At least now I have this blog to post them on, so it doesn't seem as weird.
I am going to try out some Tabata training this weekend. A Tabata Challenge is actually a part of the MyBootcamp workout, but you can train using Tabata on your own as well. Stay tuned for details tomorrow. I am off to eat quinoa, make some vegan energy balls and watch PVR'ed episodes of Young and the Restless.
Does anyone have any plans this weekend?? Share them!!
Happy Reading,
Me+ (aka Coach Gus)

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