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How to Sit for Meditation - the Drama!

By Nadine
I've been regularly meditating for a couple years. And the saga is ongoing on how to sit for meditation and what I sit on. I'm not a chair meditator or a lying down meditator (although I have students in both camps), so I'm talking solely about sitting options on the floor.
To me, there are two standard options: cross-legged or Rock Pose (aka Hero Pose). Since I play with both, I'll discuss both.
I sit cross-legged during my evening meditation, when my back and hips are a bit looser. I love the feel of this one. But what to sit on? I have tried nothing, a rolled up Yoga mat, round meditation cushions, cylindrical bolsters, rectangular bolsters, folded up blankets, blocks and probably a few other things. After all of that the winner for me is: a rolled up Yoga mat. It provides the right height, it's comfortable and it allows my tailbone to draw down, which is important for my back staying comfortable. If my back gives me grief, I am close enough to a wall to slip a pillow in behind me.
I sit in Rock Pose during my morning meditation, when my back and hips are a bit tighter. Due to my back injury, this is how I learnt to meditate. What to sit on? I have tried blocks, blocks with blankets, stacked meditation cushions, meditation benches, bolsters and various other household items that seemed to be able to provide the right height. The winner for me: a meditation bench. However, since I don't own one yet, I'm currently using a foam roller (that I have from my running days) with a pillow on top.
Figuring out how to sit comfortably is an individual endeavour and there are plenty of supplies out there to make your meditation more enjoyable.

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