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How to Remove Nail Polish

By Amber Johnson @AmberCJohnson
How to Remove Nail Polish Here’s a quick tutorial on how to remove your nail polish. Once your nail polish has started chipping off, getting messed up, or you’re just simply bored with it and you want it gone, it’s time to remove the polish on your fingernails! It’s really easy to do, but if it’s your first time painting your nails, this might be a mystery as to how you’re supposed to go about doing this. For those nail polish noobs out there, this is a tutorial for you! Step 1: Get cotton balls, and a bottle of nail polish remover or acetone for removing nail polish. You can buy these at drug stores like CVS or Wallgreens, or super stores like Walmart or Target. They aren’t expensive, and it’s really handy to have these items in your house at all times! Step 2: Open the bottle of nail polish remover, and put some of it on the cotton ball. You can do this by either covering the opening with a cotton ball and shaking the bottle to get the cotton ball saturated, or by pouring some of the liquid into the cap, then dipping te cotton ball into the cap. Don’t get it too soaked. Step 3: Place the wet cotton ball on your finger nail and leave it there for a couple of seconds. Step 4: Start rubbing and pressing the cotton ball onto your finger. The rubbing and pressure will get the nail polish to transfer from your nail to the cotton ball. Step 5: Continue this on all of your other nails until you’re completely done removing your nail polish. After this, you’re done! All of your old nail varnish will be gone, and your nails will be free again! Now I would recommend slapping on some nail polish and maybe doing a design on top if you’re good at nail art. I mean, why have bare naked nails, when you have the potential to be much more fabulous than that?! Posted by admin at March 8, 2013 « How to Paint Your Nails How to Get Soft Lips »

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