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How To Reduce Redness Of Pimples

By Vicknesh @wellhealthblog
Dealing with pimples is not fun especially when it has redness. And how to reduce redness of pimples is quite difficult. Luckily, there are tips that can help you get rid of pimples especially the redness of it.The following are things that you can use to reduce redness of pimples. They can be found easily at your kitchen or even at your garden. And these things are safe to use with no side effects. We are using its components by which is natural and does not have artificial chemical components. Let's get this started.Yogurt- Yogurt is a good redness reducer of pimples because it has its acidity that combats the bacteria that caused the formation of pimples and relieve from redness.- Make sure that you are using a plain yogurt. With your plain yogurt, apply the yogurt all over the face especially the area where there are pimples. Leave the yogurt for five minutes. After five minutes, wash your face with warm water.Aloe Vera- An aloe vera has its components that are excellent in reducing the redness of pimples. It has an "astringent" ingredient as well as antibacterial properties that combats the bacteria which is the cause of the pimple getting infected. It has an anti-inflammatory component that reduces the swelling of the pimple.- Cut the aloe vera then get the gel from the inside.- At night, apply the gel on the affected area where there are pimples.- Leave the gel for overnight. When you wake up in the morning, rinse the aloe vera.Ice Cubes- Applying a cold compress on the site relieves the redness and swelling. It decreases the inflammation as well as the pain felt.- Get ice cubes in your freezer and cover it with a clean towel. Apply the ice pack on the affected area and let it stay for one to two minutes.- Precaution: Don't let the ice directly put into contact with your skin for it can injure your skin cells. In addition, don't let the push the ice pack over the pimple because you might accidentally prick the pimple and will make things worse.Toothpaste- Toothpaste is very common in reducing redness of pimple. Toothpaste dries up the site preventing oil to accumulate. This will lead to the healing process of the pimple.
- Make sure that the toothpaste you use is not gel-based.
- Apply the toothpaste before going to bed. When you wake up, wash your face and you will notice that the inflammation is decreased that will lead to fast healing.
Cucumber Juice- Cucumber is another choice in reducing the redness of the pimple. It is said to be an excellent remedy to skin problems especially to pimples. The juice of the cucumber is responsible in closing the open pores thus preventing any clog that will lead to another pimple formation.- Extract the juice from the cucumber and apply it to your face. Leave the extract for ten to fifteen minutes.- Wash your face with warm water.
How To Reduce Redness Of Pimples
How To Reduce Redness Of Pimples
Those are some home remedies on how to reduce redness of pimples. Of course, those remedies will also work if you have proper skin hygiene. The remedies go hand in hand with proper skin care. If you don't take care of your skin while doing the remedies, it won't work because you are only defeating the purpose. So, make sure that you take care of your skin so as to prevent further outbreaks. And you must always remember that prevention is better than cure.By 

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