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How To Keep The Weight Off Once You've Lost It

By Vicknesh @wellhealthblog

If you are trying to lose some unwanted body fat or if you have reached your weight loss objectives, how do you stop putting on weight in the long-term? You now have healthy diet and have exercised to lose weight, and you look and feel good. The difficult bit now is to avoid weight gain by returning to bad habits and putting all the weight back on.There are a few effective strategies which can help you maintain your new figure and help you stop putting on weight. They are easy to implement and provide a lifetime of benefits.
How To Keep The Weight Off Once You've Lost ItHow To Stop Putting On The Pounds.If conscious behaviors are carried out regularly enough, they become unconscious behaviors as time passes. If you take conscious control of your daily life you can avoid weight gain and not return to your unhealthy habits. If you have lost excess weight, remind yourself why you feel so good about the way you look and feel now.Then write down why you lost weight to start with. Perhaps it was because of the health problems associated with being overweight? Or was it because you did not like the way you looked? When your reasons are big enough, it will stop you from sliding back into your old habits which lead to bad results. When you jot down your reasons, keep them somewhere where you can see them everyday.Be Kind To Yourself To Avoid Weight Gain.If you are having a tough time trying to stop putting on weight by not sticking with your health and exercise habits, don't beat yourself up. Malena Perdomo, RD, is a spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association, and she says that it is sometimes more difficult to maintain weight loss and fitness than it was to achieve your goals.Our busy, fast-paced lives and constantly changing family and work schedules can throw out healthy new habits. If you recognize the occasions when you slip up, and don't be too hard on yourself. Feeling down about returning to bad health habits can lead to depression and anxiety, which can cause poor health and even more bad habits in the form of binge eating.The next time you are reaching for some comfort food, ask yourself if you are really hungry, or if you are in search of an emotional snack. Remember the quickest way to revert to old bad habits is by totally depriving yourself of your favorite foods and not just only eating foods that prevent weight gain. Reward your weight loss and new figure periodically with treats and desserts and you will find it easier to stick to the fitness and weight loss program which helped you to stop putting on weight in the first place.By Jon Allo

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