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How to Get Rid of Acne With Apples in Three Days

By Vicknesh @wellhealthblog

How to Get Rid of Acne in 3 Days

This 3 Day plan to completely get rid of acne will blow you away with the results. If you are frustrated with your acne and sick and tired of trying everything you can to make it go away, to no avail, then this article is for you.In this article, I will teach you a simple, free three day strategy to completely get rid of every last spot of acne on your face. I have tried and tested it when I was 17 and it worked AMAZING. To this day I still have perfect skin from having done this. The best part is that you don't have to order any special products. I make no money off of anything I tell you to buy, because I suggest you buy it at your own local grocery store. My entire purpose behind writing this article is just to share what worked for me and help others regain their self confidence that acne has taken away from them.I must warn you in advance that, while this three day strategy is simple, it is far from easy. You will find yourself being tempted to cheat on the diet, but if you stay committed and persevere, your skin will be glowing by the third day, just like it was when you were a baby.Get Rid of Acne With Apples in Three Days

How to Get Rid of Acne - 10 Apples a Day

10 Apples a Day

The first part of this 3 Day Apple fast to get rid of acne is to eat 10 apples a day and ONLY 10 apples a day. Let me re-emphasize -- you can not eat any food other than 10 apples a day for three days straight. I know, it sounds ridiculously difficult to do, but you can do it. After all, how bad do you want to get rid of your acne?Don't eat just any old apples either. You have to make sure they are thered deliciousvariety. Why red delicious? Red delicious contain by far the most antioxidants compared to any other variety of apple. Therefore, they will help you detox your body much more effectively than gala apples, for example.By eating only 10 apples a day, you'll do two things that will help you get rid of acne:1.   You'll starve off and kill the bacteria known as candida albicans which are the main cause of your acne in the first place.2.   You'll suck out out all of the toxins in your body that have been coming out of the pores on your face.NOTE:Do NOT do this apple fast for more than three consecutive days or else it will become dangerous. Your body needs more nutrients than apples have to offer, on a normal basis.

Castor Oil Before Bed

For all three nights on this three day acne cure, you will need to apply castor oil to each of your pimples. You can use a small que tip and just dab a little on the ends. Make sure each zit is fully covered, leaving no room for it to 'breathe.'The point of applying castor oil to your zits is because it will help close them up so your body will not try and excrete more waste through them. Also, castor oil contains a lot of natural ingredients and extracts that are healthy for your skin.You can use just about any old brand of castor oil you find at your grocery store, but I personally have had good results with Castor Oil from The Heritage Store.

Insert-able Enema

Trust me -- this partsoundsa lot more unpleasant than it actually is. Basically, you get an insert-able enema from whatever grocery store you prefer. Get one for each of the three days, because you'll need to do it right before bed every single night. Instructions differ depending on the brand you get, but most of them involve getting in the fetal position (to open the anus), inserting the tip of the enema and squeezing it in. Then you let it sit, change positions as according to the included directions, and within a few minutes you have the urge to relieve everything you have consumed that day.I wouldn't recommend the drinkable enemas for two reasons:1.   They taste HORRIBLE. You will seriously be on the verge of committing suicide after your first sip as a means to avoid the remaining glass of it you must drink. In all my entire life I have never tasted something so bad. I can't even put into words how it makes me feel to drink that stuff, but if I had to try, I would say it makes me want to smack myself in the face with a shovel, pour a box of razorblades into my mouth, gargle and spit them out and an old lady. It is THAT bad.2.   The second reason, which is probably the most important, is that they don't always work that well and that efficiently. The whole purpose of this step is to ensure you empty out your bowels ENTIRELY before bed and, quite frankly, the drinkable kind don't quite cut it.So, yes, it may be awkward to be inserting a foreign object where the sun don't shine (especially if you are a straight male, as I am), but it certainly beats the alternative.This step is important, because you NEED to make sure you fully empty all ten apples you ate that day out the other end BEFORE going to bed. If you go to bed and they are still inside of you, your body will re-absorb the toxins while you sleep and this will hinder your results entirely.Just suck it up and do it and in the morning, even on the second day into this, you will see some pretty impressive results. I remember by the second day, my family was commenting on how much my acne had already gone away. They couldn't pick their jaws up off the floor.Just keep in mind you just have to do this for three days and your acne will be all gone.  It is definitely worth it.  Trust me on that.

Lots of Water

Your goal is to flush out all of the toxins that have been coming out of your face and causing your embarrassing acne problem, so needless to say you'll need to drink a ton of water. I recommend you drink one full gallon of water a day, while you are on this apple fast. In fact, as I'll mention in the section about maintaining your results, you should probably continue to drink a gallon a day after the three days are up. Hey, it's not bad as having to continue doing an enema every night, right?By consuming a gallon of water a day, you'll effectively flush out every last toxin that's been accumulating in your body over the years. This alone lends to some great results in healing your skin.Also, do not drink any other beverages while on this three day apple fast. Especially make sure to avoid soda!Lots of RestHow to Get Rid of Acne - Lots of Rest

Lots of Rest

Your body will be undergoing insane amounts of stress as it rapidly goes to work cleansing out all of the junk that's been building up in your body and causing your acne.  As a result of this, you're going to need a full 8 hours of rest a night to make sure your body has the energy to fully detoxify your skin.  Cutting yourself short of a full 8 hours on this fast will cause you to fall short of the best results you can get on it.The recommended hours for sleep on this diet are from 9 PM to 5:30 AM.  I figured in an extra 30 minutes to give you time to fall asleep.  If you really don't feel fully rested at 5:30 AM, you can continue sleeping until you do, but try your best to make sure you're in bed by no later than 9 PM over this three day period.

Maintaining Your Results

Day 3 hasfinally ended, Day 4 has rolled around and your skin is as clear and smooth as the day you were born. You may not have to just force yourself to eat only apples any more and you may not have to give yourself any more god-awful enemas, but if you want to maintain these results, you'll need to change your diet quite a bit than it was before you began all this.Keep in mind that you are still genetically prone to getting acne, so you may not be able to eat everything that your friends who aren't genetically prone to it can and still have great skin. Now has come the time to decide what is more important to you: great tasting, unhealthy food or perfect skin and confidence?If you chose the latter, then continue to drink a gallon of water a day, get to bed no later than 11 PM on week nights and NO MORE soda, chips, pizza or anything greasy and fattening. I guarantee you the SECOND you start to eat that kind of junk again, even just once, your skin will begin to revert back to normal and you'll have to schedule another miserable apple fast.Otherwise, enjoy your new beautiful skin and recharged self confidence! You no longer have to feel self conscious around people. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me in the comment section below. Good luck!By 

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