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How to Get Over a Fear of Being Creative

By Rebecca_sands @Rebecca_Sands

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This is certainly a topic that I struggle with. I’ve found that there’s a lot of fears around creativity. First and foremost, there’s the fact of pursuing a creative field which, let’s face it, is condemned to being perceived as an ‘all or nothing’ field. There’s a common perception that you’re either the best at what you do creatively, or you’re not. If you’re not good enough, there’s the common thought that you’ll never make money, you’ll always be a failure and really, you should have pursued a ‘real’ job!

I was thinking today about all of the amazing creative work that is out there in the world. Artists, writers, philosophers, dancers, singers, designers, musicians, actors, film makers, producers… you name it.

What if all of these creatives succumbed to their fears? How damned sad would that be? If they decided not to do what they do because they wanted an ‘easier’ path? Creativity is the stuff that makes us tick! It’s the stuff that inspires us and brings out the absolute best in us. It’s emotive, fantastic, and just simply… wonderful. And yet there’s humans behind creativity. Humans also crave security, accomplishment, recognition. Put simply, we want to know that we have a roof over our heads, a safe way to grow and develop, and a known path to follow that will elevate our accomplishments. We want to know that our children will be fed and that we will remain clothed. It’s fairly simple, really. Creative pursuits simply do not guarantee this in today’s society. Think about the well-known adage of arts degrees.

And yet, these creative fields are one of the backbones of society. Without them, we may as well be robots.

I am one of these creatives who has chosen a well-worn path – and yet I still desire to exemplify my creativity in any way that I can.  It’s like a balloon that is filled to the brim with air and ready to pop. It just has to happen. You know? That’s exactly what I did in the field that I work in – PR. There’s a lot of ways to incorporate creativity into your existing life. You can find a career path that capitalises on your creative talents – that’s exactly what I did in my field. I utilise my creative skills in writing to help others with my work. And you can go beyond it with your skills and talents, too. Like I am doing right here.

Here’s three ways that you can get past a fear of being creative, that I perceive:

Learn from the best, and emulate it

I love the example of Walt Disney. Walt said, “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

Know that without you, life would be bleak

Without the skills and talents that you put forward in life, the world will be far less accomplished. You must put forward your talents – it’s your duty!

Recognise the benefits that unleashing your creativity will have on you

Once you realize how much worse off the world will be without your unique skills and talents, you must also know that you will be demeaned also. If you don’t pursue your greatest talents, we will miss them. We may not know about it, but the world will secretly miss your amazing input. And so, my friend, will you.

What are you waiting for? 

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