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How to Find Love, Happiness and Abundance with Confidence

By Tomretterbush @thomretterbush

How to Find Love, Happiness and Abundance with ConfidenceDaily we are Bombarded with Stories of Doom, Gloom, Death and Distruction
Daily financial experts remind us that we are in a recession, possibly a depression, with the danger of a total worldwide economic collapse. Doctors remind us how unhealthy we live, eating meat that causes heart attacks, eggs that cause high cholesterol and sugar that makes us fat and leads to obesity. Activists talk about politicians conspiring to control mankind while scientist discover antibiotic resistant superbugs that could wipe us out.
I'm struck by the level of unhappiness, fear, even despair that I sense in people right now.
I too have good and legitimate reasons to whine! As a recovering drug addict diagnosed with bi-polar depression, I lost everything, including my family and homeland to drugs. 
Now that I'm clean, I have been doing everything I can think of and then some,  trying to help others who have lost their way, while getting back little if anything in return. It's been to the point, that I've asked myself why I do it. So I think I'll just pout some more and wait for at least a little bit of recognition.
It is pretty disheartening! But whining, complaining, talking or even writing about it rarely helps a situation!
Several years ago during a previous recession, a friend wrote that he'd decided "not to participate" in that recession. What a great line! At any given moment we have the power to choose our own attitudes and I'm about ready to take charge of mine! I'm just about frustrated enough and angry enough and annoyed enough to get off my a$$ and take charge of my own life! How about you?
It's About Attitude!
I believe that to a huge degree, each of us creates the world in which we live. Our actions and our focus, combined with our beliefs, experiences and attitudes, work to create a world of joy or fear within which we must live. Obviously the world "out there", of other people and statistics and economics, plays a role. But to a large degree, in the privacy of our own lives, hearts, minds and actions, we pretty much create our own lives.  
I know I can't change Washington or the housing market or unemployment on a national scale. But in my own life, with my own business and with my time and attitude, with my friends and family and colleagues, it's time for some FUN!
How to Find Love, Happiness and Abundance with ConfidenceIt's time to take some risks
It's time for optimism and some wild, crazy and "unreasonable" expectations! It's time for adventure and daring. It's time to take some risks, try some stuff, pull out the stops and make things happen! It's time for optimism, energy and laughter! It's time to "kill some dragons" and build some castles and make life a heck of a lot better, richer and more fun! This moping and whining through a recession, in the rain, in winter, just isn't working for me.
Even during the Great Depression, some people did well and a few did very well indeed! Even during the "gloomy season" of winter, some people are having a good time, making music and making love. They're laughing, throwing parties and starting new business ventures. Sure, credit is tight so they're starting small. Sure, sales are down so they've adjusted. Sure, the politicians are probably going to keep right on squabbling like spoiled brats, but what has that got to do with me, my family and my future? Nothing!
Whether you're in the U.S. or someplace else on this small planet, here's my challenge: Take charge! Be the boss of your own life. Nothing in the economy prevents you from taking control of your health, or your happiness. The politicians cannot stop a determined individual from having fun, from being a loving, enthusiastic parent, a good spouse or a good neighbor. And nothing "out there" can prevent the human spirit from celebrating life!
All it will take is determination. Determination is the requirement of success. It was my determination to get clean that enabled me to quit using drugs. It was my determination to succeed in life that drove me to become an entrepreneur and launch a number of websites and blogs.
With enough Determination you can do Anything
If you are determined enough to do something you will do it, come hell or high water! When you were determined to get high, didn't you score your drugs? Didn't you always find a way to get the money no matter how bad the situation looked at the time? It was because you were determined, willing to do almost anything to reach your goal, even if that goal was to score some dope. With enough determination you can do and achieve anything!

The economists, the politicians, the news, even your current situation all have little to do with your ability to survive, thrive, make a life and live well. So I encourage you to dream, set some goals, make some plans, then with determination make it all happen.
With determination and confidence, find love, joy, happiness and abundance in 2011.
Written By: Tom Retterbush
When you finally reach your goals, finding the love, joy, happiness and abundance you deserve, don't forget to pass it along. Check out my blog, which will show you ways of of giving back, as well as the tools and resources you'll need to do it well. - Tom

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