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Addicts NOT Anonymous Alternative to AA and NA

By Tomretterbush @thomretterbush

Addicts NOT Anonymous Alternative to AA and NA

AA and NA in need of Change

Although I received a wide array of praise and support for the recent press-release, Ex-Addict Launches AddictsNOT Anonymous as an Alternative to AA and NA, I was also bombarded with attacks of criticism and hostility by members of AA and NA.  
I never intended Addicts NOT Anonymous to be an alternative program to AA, NA or any other 12 Step Program, just an alternative destination for addicts seeking understanding and recognition, as well as information, tips, tricks and techniques to defeat or deal with addiction.
AA and NA Members React Hostile to Change
One of the main topics of the assault against both Addicts NOT Anonymous and my character, was my harsh criticizing language against the cult-like traditions of AA and NA. Those attacking me cited me calling for understanding, acceptance and tolerance. I guess they didn’t realize that I was referring to the understanding and accepting the addict, not the outdated brainwashing programs of AA and NA. 
Although I am familiar with AA, NA and other 12 Step Programs, the more I looked into their model and those associated with their administration, the more discontent and frustration I encountered.
Indeed, the more I looked into AA and NA in particular, the more people I found who are even publicly opposed the Anonymous Concept. In response to this I wrote an article titled, Are Addicts Ready to Shed their Anonymity and Face Society with their Names?
AA submission to a higher power has broad potential for abuse
Addicts NOT Anonymous Alternative to AA and NA Its no secret that the AA focus on submission to a higher power has broad potential for abuse. To accept a higher power, list your shortcomings, make amends with those you harmed and other “steps” of AA and NA are religious programming techniques used by cuts to condition people into doing and behaving a certain way. These brainwashing techniques perfected by the CIA take the addict’s longing for acceptance into a social experience similar to Freemasonry and the Occult.
Many of these practicing AA and NA members who religiously attend daily or weekly meetings, report to a sponsor and religiously work the 12 Steps have merely traded an addiction to alcohol or drugs for an addiction to AA or NA.
Ego is not Evil
Though AA, NA and most of the other 12 Step Programs insist on humility, many hard-core members even going as far as to condemn the ego as evil, I have found that most people need the affirmation and acknowledgement associated with success, thus wanting to attach their names to their achievements, me included.
This doesn’t mean they don’t ever want to do something for someone else without receiving recognition or reward, but sometimes one needs a pat on the back, if for nothing else but to reassure ourselves that we are on the right track.
If people didn’t want rewards, they wouldn’t have invented awards!
As I noted in the About section of the Addicts NOT Anonymous blog, If people didn’t want rewards, they wouldn’t have invented awards!
Addicts NOT Anonymous Alternative to AA and NA Anonymity is a Cop-out
By shedding the anonymous, we are now also accountable for everything we do. Which, I believe is the way it should be. And which is also a very important and necessary step in addiction recovery.
Recovering addicts need to face up to their problems and quit hiding behind anonymity, making excuses, instead being accountable with their names, faces and actions.
Drugs don't Cause Addiction, People Do
You can’t hide from your addiction any more than you can hide from drugs. Another point of attack against my character by the AA and NA fanatics was my public outcry for the legalization of drugs.
Drugs don't cause addiction, people do. Nobody has ever become instantly addicted to a drug. There are those who will claim that they took one hit or one shot and were hooked, but they merely liked the feeling so much that they wanted to use the drug again and again. This may be an infatuation, but is still a long way from addiction.
I believe all drugs should be legalized, particularly marijuana, as it would take the criminality out of the equation and stop addicts from being criminals and becoming ex-cons. It would give addicts more incentive and opportunity to get help.
And regardless of legality, I believe it is not the government’s place to dictate what we can and cannot put into our own bodies. There are people that do not like alcohol, but can use drugs recreationally, experimentally, spiritually and medically without ever developing a problem with addiction. Why can those who like alcohol find recreation, relief but not those who would rather smoke a joint or snort a line? If people are allowed to drink alcohol, they should be allowed to use drugs. It’s a matter of personal preference. It is a matter of choice. It’s a matter of freedom!
This should also illustrate to those people in need of enlightenment, complaining about supposed mixed messages of some of the articles on the ANA blog, such as the one explaining how to pass a drug test, why I would rather help an addicts pass a drug test rather than see him or her get in trouble, much less get locked up.
For those of you complaining about the adds, saying I'm doing this for the money, I can only laugh. If I really would pocket the few pennies made from the advertisements on this blog, I think I earned them. Yet I only do it as s service to my readers, trying to provide them what they need at the best prices I can find, while putting every penny back into ANA.  
Addicts NOT Anonymous Alternative to AA and NA Now that you know where I, the founder of Addicts NOT Anonymous stand, let me and others involved in ANA help you or your loved one get clean…
If you would like to get involved with Addicts NOT Anonymous, no matter if you would like to help build the projected website, help with the planned forum or possible chat-room, by writing articles or submitting stories, or by helping with the always much needed funding, administration and planning, please contact me at [email protected]

How to Use Anonymous as an alternative to AA, NA

To use Addicts NOT Anonymous as an alternative to AA, NA or any other 12 Step Program, or to assist with addiction recovery, I suggest you search out the articles posted on the blog that pertain to you and your problem. You will find quite a few helpful articles written by people who have gone through addiction-- and beat it--like yours truly.
I also suggest you write your story and submit it for publication on Addicts NOT Anonymous, as to share your experiences with others who may benefit from what you have learned; you will find that sharing is very therapeutic!  
Written By: Tom Retterbush

PS: To my new AA and NA friends, you will see the new Facebook Comment Plugin bellow, where you can now publicly confront me where it will get noticed. Here is your chance to contradict, challenge and question me in front of the world. Come on now, ANA could use the publicity... <A HREF=""> Widgets</A>

Addicts NOT Anonymous Alternative to AA and NA

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