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Home Remedies For Peptic Ulcer

By Vicknesh @wellhealthblog
Peptic ulcer is caused due to the erosion of the inner lining of the stomach. The one that gets developed in the stomach is known as gastric ulcer, and the one that develops in the intestinal area is called duodenal ulcer. Peptic ulcer is developed when the two kinds of ulcers appear together.Peptic ulcer is mainly caused by the consumption of too much of alcohol, tea or coffee, spicy foods, smoking and hyperacidity. The symptoms include acute, sharp pain in the upper region of the stomach. If the initial symptoms are ignored and left untreated, the problem could become severe.
Fortunately, quite a few natural remedies are available for treating this disease. Eating bananas is very helpful and these may be consumed in the form of milk shakes as well. Bananas lessen the gastric juices leading to hyperacidity.Another helpful remedy is to drink raw goat milk. Likewise, milk made using blanched almonds has proven beneficial in treating this malady. This milk helps reducing the excessive volumes of acid in the stomach.Juice made from carrots or cabbage is a proven treatment for peptic ulcer too. Ideally, the juice should be made from equal amounts of carrots and cabbage. One can also consume cabbage or carrots by boiling 250 grams of these vegetables in one liter of water 'till just about half of the liquid is left over. The remaining liquid should be consumed daily.
Another useful way of treating the ulcer is to consume a mixture consisting of two hundred grams of drumsticks paste and one hundred grams of yoghurt. When you want to get immediate relief from that burning sensation in the stomach due to peptic ulcer, drink cold milk.One more favorable treatment is to take alternating hot and cold bath for about fifteen minutes. Soak about fifteen grams of wood apple leaves overnight and drink that water the following morning.Tea prepared using fenugreek seeds are also used for treating this kind of ulcer. When covered with water, these seeds become mucilaginous, which has excellent medicinal properties for relieving peptic ulcer. Alternatively, one may make use of lime, as it has citric acid with mineral salt, both of which are known to possess great curative properties. Lemon is also beneficial for the treatment of peptic ulcer. You may use juice or extract of lemon.Potato juice also makes a good remedy. Half a cup of potato juice taken early morning on an empty stomach proves very effective.Active raw honey is also an excellent remedy for curing peptic ulcer. Honey used in this form heals and strengthens the stomach lining, while killing ulcer causing bacteria.Unripe fruits help reinforcing the stomach lining due to the mucous material found in them, thus protecting it against injurious, ulcer causing bacteria. Most vegetables and grains have similar properties and can also be used for treating this malady.By Home Remedies For Peptic Ulcer

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