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Home Health Care Jobs – Medical Transcriptionist & Coders

Posted on the 20 April 2015 by Nick Creighton @starshomejob

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Many companies and a huge variety of career paths are turning to work from home employees. One excellent career path would be the medical field or home health care jobs. To be employed in just about any medical field you will need to be certified. If you already have a certificate then you should have no problem becoming a home based medical transcription or to become a medical coder.

Here the best part of becoming a medical transcription or medical coder, you do not need to be certified. Now being certified your chances are a lot higher of landing the job.

But if you think about it that is the case in any career path. People that have certificates or college degrees have a better chance at landing a job rather than someone who does not.

If you are looking for a job in the healthcare business in which demands minimal experience, check out these medical related jobs. They are perfect for individuals desperate to forget the everyday commute to work.

Keep in mind that most of these home based opportunities inside the medical field can be both salaried or perhaps pay by making use of an hourly basis.

Medical Coder Jobs:

A medical coder will be someone who reviews health-related records in order to assign certain Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes, which usually are used throughout hospital options to always be able to ensure well being care providers are usually effectively reimbursed for their services. According towards the AACP's 2013 findings, it's estimated that home health care coders who've attained a professional coder certification receive about $48,593 for each year.

Medical Transcription Jobs:

Also known as an MT, a health-related transcription is somebody who handles the entire process of converting voice recordings supplied by physicians directly into text. According to the Bureau involving Labor Statistics, the average yearly medical transcription salary for any healthcare transcription during the 12 months 2012 had been $34,020 for each year as well as $16.36 an hour.

There are a number of great possibilities with home health care jobs. Since there exists a substantial demand for healthcare professionals, the pay is very rewarding as well as competitive. If your motivation will be to help others, the data above will enable you to start the search for the most rewarding home health care jobs.

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