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Himalayan Salt Night Light: Benefits and Best Brands

By Kenin Bassart @Constantramble

Do you have difficulty in sleeping at night? Is there some kind of negative vibes hanging around the house? Don’t worry; we are bringing amazing news for you! In this article, we will talk about the amazing Himalayan salt night light.

Maybe you are not sure where you have heard about this familiar thing. But we are certain that you never know what you are missing if you have never owned a Himalayan salt lamp. So, what’s this incredible Himalayan salt night light? What are its benefits? Today, we will unleash the amazing facts about the Himalayan salt night light. Let’s discuss what its true benefits are, and to mention a few, we will also recommend the best brands sold in the market right now coming from the people’s reliable reviews.

And wait, there’s more. We will also give you a few tips on how to identify real Himalayan salt night lamps to avoid being scammed. So let’s get started.

What is the Himalayan Salt Night Light?

Himalayan Salt Night Light: Benefits and Best Brands
First of all, we all need to know what is a Himalayan salt light night.

They say that it’s like having an open window or a softly glowing natural source of fresh, clean air sitting on your desk.

Himalayan salt crystal night light is made from pure, food grade, Himalayan salt crystals and can be even be powdered to use as salt for cooking if needed.

These wonderful lamps have gained massive popularity recently because aside from the fact that they are really beautiful, there are a lot of benefits attributed to them.

The Himalayan salt is known to have come from a highly faulted, folded and thick layer of Ediacaran to early Cambrian evaporites of the Salt Range Formation. Most Himalayan salt is mined from the Salt Range mountains, usually from Khewra Salt Mine in the Punjab province of Pakistan.

The Himalayan salt was primarily used as table salt and utilized for food flavoring and preservation. But today, a lot of people discovered several other powerful effects that the Himalayan salt can cause.

How did it become a famous night light?

Ancient people discovered first the incredible beauty of the blooming light inside the hallowed block of Himalayan salt. The Himalayan salt light night produces an amazing pinkish hue which provides such a beautiful shade of light and color. Now, a lot of people use the pink Himalayan salt night light as a room decor and for a lot more benefits this salt light could offer.

In the next paragraph, let’s learn what are these benefits.

Top benefits of having Himalayan Salt Night

Himalayan Salt Night Light: Benefits and Best Brands
Like we said, other than it is used as a stunning home decor, this little guy has a lot more benefits to offer, especially for our health. Now, let’s discover what are the most beautiful Himalayan salt night light benefits, that may hopefully serve as your guide to using this amazing thing. Learn more.

Neutralize electromagnetic radiation

Televisions, cellphones, computers, and tablets release positive ions into the air constantly. These and other common electronics can cause an overflow of electromagnetic radiation. Which, although invisible, is believed to cause some serious long term effects.

And here’s the catch: constant exposure to electromagnetic radiation is known primarily to cause fatigue and increase stress and weakening of the immune system.

So this is where the Himalayan salt lamps come in. Using the lamp will emit negative ions and cancel out positive ones. Therefore, by neutralizing electromagnetic radiation, they kind of help reduce artificial frequencies and even prevent static build up. Some major science, huh?

It cleanses, deodorizes and purifies the air

Pink Himalayan salt night light, in particular, helps clean the air through an amazing operation called Hygroscopy. This way, the lamp attracts and absorbs contaminated water molecules from the immediate environment and locks them into the salt crystal.

The Hygrocopy process has the amazing ability to remove cigarette smoke, dust and other ugly contaminants in the air.

And do you know that the people coined a term for it? They call this benefit in particular as “salty air”, as it acts as an overall booster and can help clear the air passages.

Better sleep

If you have been experiencing some difficulties or trouble with sleeping or having enough rest, then you have just come to the right place.

You have to know one of the major causes why you keep on staying up. Overexposure to positive ions reduces the brain’s blood and oxygen supply which can lead to irregular sleeping patterns.

The good news is, the negative ions from a Himalayan salt night light are said to reverse this effect. And that is what makes it a popular sleep aid!

Also, in direct relation to chromotherapy, the soothing light can help people who suffer from insomnia.

Raise the bar of energy levels

We hate to break this down for you, but this is the truth. Positive ions deplete the body of energy. But it is believed that Himalayan salt night light can actually do the opposite!

The negative ions increase energy levels. Which yields a refreshing effect similar to the feeling of rejuvenation achieved from spending time in nature.

So, spend time with all the nature by lighting up a Himalayan salt night light.

Improves blood circulation

Before you give us that looks, you should hear first what we got to say. Particular studies have suggestive ions, such as those emitted by the Himalayan salt night light.

This boost helps to improve several disorders of the vascular system and can prevent certain damage to the lungs. Amazing, right?

Enhances Mood

A lot of studies suggest that negative ions improve mood and energy levels by serotonin in the brain.

Therefore, this Himalayan salt night light can benefit people who are suffering from the seasonal affective disorder and other forms of depression.

When it comes to buying the pink Himalayan salt night light, coverage is determined by the size of the crystal; smaller lamps are good for an average bedroom. While larger lamps are destined for the living room or your den.

On average, one pound of Himalayan salt night light will cleanse the air in an approximately 4 foot by 4 foot area.

Some Popular Brands

Now that we have learned the different benefits of the Himalayan salt night light, surely you are now asking the next obvious question. Where can we get Himalayan salt night lamps? What brands are worth the try?

In the next juncture, let’s narrow down some of the best Himalayan salt night light brands, and let you decide which is the best for you. Bring it on.

Levoit Kana Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Night Light: Benefits and Best Brands
Our first pick is the Levoit Kana Himalayan Salt Lamp. This brand has been chosen as the ultimate popular choice online. It is known to have a really high quality and durability. It is guaranteed safe, even if you keep it turned on all night.

The Levoit Kana brand also offers a wide variety of Himalayan salt night light lamps. They come in different colors, texture, heights, and weight. They also offer different beauty, design, shapes with accorded different dimness and lightness. It really all depends on what you want.

Crystal Decor Dimmable Crafted Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Night Light: Benefits and Best Brands
Next on our list definitely is the Crystal Decor dimmable crafted Himalayan Salt night light.

This brand is reviewed as one that has the greatest value. This brand produces more natural or pure light from the salt to provide a more serene and comforting feeling.

Crystal Decor as a brand, also brags about how customized each product they make. Each salt lamp is uniquely and delicately handcrafted with passion, as to give every buyer their own personal Himalayan salt night light.

Crystal Decor Himalayan salt lamp is also known as one of the most affordable, yet a high-quality standard of a lamp. And we are talking about getting your own personalized Himalayan salt night light at under 20 dollars. Awesome!

SMAGREHO Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Night Light: Benefits and Best Brands
The last brand that we will be sharing is the amazing Natural Himalayan salt lamp from SMAGREHO. This brand is widely known to be very modern and edgy, especially when it comes to their salt lamp designs and packaging.

Most people say that this is an awesome ready-for-gift lamp because it comes with a beautifully wrapped box and it has a lot of freebies with it.

It has an amazing UL-listed plug and cord which makes it safer and less hassle. So, you can also definitely use this all night and still be able to sleep with peace and a smile on your face!

How to tell the fake ones?

When Himalayan salt night light came to popularity, we have heard a lot of people say that there are plenty of fake types of Himalayan salt night light.

Himalayan salt is mined source from the hills of Pakistan and Indonesia. It is only understandable that there are just business people who like to take the high road and try to reproduce these amazing Himalayan salt.

Let’s discuss a few tips on how to spot the fake ones and how to really recognize the real ones. Those that really came from sophisticated mining processes, from known sources of Himalayan salt night.

Your Himalayan salt night light is very bright

If the light of your Himalayan salt night light is very bright, then most likely, it is fake. The Himalayan salt night lamp is really for its benefits. And yes it produces a little light, but the main reason for that is the beneficial factor. So if its super bright, then that can be the reason that it’s fake.

You haven’t experience any health benefits

If you did not experience health benefits or any benefits in general with the Himalayan salt night lamp, then it could be a fake as well. The Himalayan salt lamp is known to produce all the good vibes and positive energy to the surroundings, to your body and even to your mood. You can feel that it creates a beautiful impact to your skin or it aids your stress issues.

So, if none of these are visible, then you got the fake one.

It is unreasonably inexpensive

How much does your Himalayan salt night light cost? If it is super inexpensive, then that could be enough reason that it’s fake.

You normally grab any Himalayan salt lamp very quickly if they are sold with a cheap price. Imagine yourself seeing one sold for 4 dollars. Most likely, you would realize when you get home that they are actually fake.

It is very durable

If it is super durable, then that could also be a fake. Authentic Himalayan salt is really fragile. The fact that they are handmade and manually polished, it is just easy to crack them. So, if you have accidentally thrown them on the floor or banged them on the wall and discovered that nothing has really happened to them, then most likely, they are fake.

It doesn’t produce any moisture

If you find that your Himalayan salt lamp is not producing any moist or a little wetness on it then, that could be a fake. Because of the fact that they are naturally resourced, although, depending on the environment, they are likely to moisten and produce sweat.

So, if you don’t see any sweat happening, then you might have gotten the fake one.

That’s about it, guys. We really hope that you enjoyed this article, but most importantly, we hope that you have learned something about the amazing Himalayan salt night light. Use them with care, and use them with all the safety measures. Enjoy its benefits. And don’t forget, keep it real.

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