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HIIT Workout & Hair

By Hblack79

Today was a long day at work!  I was happy to see 4:30 roll around so I could change into my WORKOUT clothes and head to the gym.  I realized right before heading out that I was a little hungry and I’m NOT okay with working out on a hungry stomach!  I scavenged through my desk drawers and thank goodness I found a small amount of granola left over!  I downed that and some water on the way to the gym.



I arrived to the gym and was going to a HIIT class which is high intensity interval training (at least that’s what I abbreviate it to be).  It’s a high energy, fun class and I really enjoy the instructor (who is also named Heather!)  The craziest thing happened – I was the ONLY person in the class.  Seriously, that’s never happened!  Usually I would feel really awkward, but I went with it and we started the class.  Luckily, one girl came in 10 minutes in and another girl came in about half-way through the class.  Am I the only one who doesn’t like coming in late to a class?  If it’s started, I just won’t go!  I need to get over that awkward fear though!  After HIIT, I finished up with a 15 minute ab class.

I really like my hair pulled back this way with a side french-braid.  It keep it out of my face when I run or workout.



After the gym, I headed home for some DINNER.  I made some pasta w/ vegetarian chicken.  It wasn’t anything fancy, but typically a quick pasta gets the job done for me.  I used Whole Foods Pasta (that I got on the Whole Foods Grand Opening Tour), Kroger brand Tomato & Basil Pasta Sauce, and Simple Truth Meatless Patties w/ a side of toast.




Now I’m off to check out some new blogs – I feel like I lost touch of that this past year and I’m ready to find some new reads and make some new friends!! Have any suggestions, let me know!

Have a great Tuesday evening!

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