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Hey Look, I Am Seeing a COUNSELLOR!!

By Makemeupmandy @mandywebb28
So Husband and I have been going for counseling sessions.
In your face, COUNSELLING!
Hey look, I am seeing a COUNSELLOR!! Just because they say you really need to have pictures in a blog post.
It's strange. You would think that in this time and age, it is not that taboo anymore.
Sure, it's not something you wave your arms in the air and yell about.
But since when did it become a confession or a guilt-ridden admittance of sins & mistakes?
Everytime I mention counseling to someone, they look down at their feet, avoid my gaze as if guilty of their instantaneous & uncontrollable thoughts (and judgements). Some even blush.
Obviously, people who go to counseling do have problems.
That's why they go to someone who is professionally and academically equipped to guide/advise/assist.
But without appearing to simplify, neutralise or justify my own problems, I have to ask: who doesn't have problems? Everyone does. I know there are different extents & seriousness, obviously. But problems... there are major ones, minor ones, ones from the past, ones hovering around the future, ones lingering around the present. Fuzzy ones that are left behind and buried in the pretense of non-existence. Clear, current ones that hound your head every moment of the day. All shapes and sizes.
I think the focus about people who go for counseling should be: "Oh, he/she has acknowledged their problems and is doing something about it."
Instead of "What? Counselling? Ooooohhhh, that means he/she has a problem!"
Really, counseling really isn't only for the big issues. When I was pregnant, I was singled out as being at higher risk of post-natal depression due to stress (moving house), isolation (no friends in a new town), being a foreigner, being young etc. They asked if I wanted counselling. I jumped at the opportunity and said YES! I said it would be great just to go in and connect & chat to someone.
Ultimately, I really believe in the natural good in people. They don't have bad intentions. They just aren't sure of how to react.
It would be strange to say "That's great, buddy! Good on ya! Counselling is the cool thing to do!".
Yet they aren't really in the position or have the courage to say "Counselling? You mean you have a problem???!"
So the best they can afford is look away, avoid and blush.
Ideally, the atmosphere surrounding the topic of counseling should be positive and encouraging. It is to be encouraged; not to be ashamed of. I would definitely stop short of saying it makes a person courageous, but it really is a rather brave and honest acknowledgement of the existence of issues and the willingness to exert some formal actions. Please don't ever take it as some guilt-ridden confession or shame of sorts; it does take some ounce of courage to say that:
I am seeing a counselor.
So, have you honestly ever judged someone seeing a counselor and thought that?  Or have you been on the receiving end?
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