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Hench Protein Hot Chocolate

By Greggers254 @LeeGregory254
Today is a review of Hench Nutrition's protein hot chocolate. I received a sample of this, as well as a lot of other products (was a 'hench' order!) and I want to share my thoughts of this product with you.
Hench protein hot chocolate
Within the last couple of years, there have been a lot of alternative protein products for sale. Instead of buying protein powder, nowadays you can buy flapjack mixes, protein ice cream, protein bread, protein pasta, protein pizza mix, protein pancakes, and also protein hot chocolate. I think its a neat idea - many people like hot drinks, and a cup of hot chocolate in the evenings is a common drink. But what if you are into fitness? a typical hot chocolate drink isn't great for muscle growth, so the guys at Hench decided to make a protein one! Here are the stats:
Per 30g serving
Kcal - 110
Protein - 18.6g
Carbs - 5g
of which sugars - 4.6g
Fat - 1.8g
That is pretty impressive!
It is very quick to make as well. Simply pour 200ml of water into a shaker, add 30g of the hot chocolate mix, shake, pour into a microwavable cup for 60-90 seconds. Stir and enjoy.
I would say this product is mainly aimed for the evening, as it is a slow release protein drink. But you could have a cup whenever you would need a slow release protein 'hit'. You could have a cup in the morning if you know you are super busy and won't be able to get a meal or a shake in.
What's the price? For 300g, it is just £7.49. For 1kg, it is only £19.99. What a bargain!
The taste of this product matched some of the best hot chocolates I have had in the past. But this one 'kicks butt' in the nutrition department. So, if you are a lover of hot chocolate, but are also into fitness, swap your old product for this one!
Head over to Hench Nutrition and use my discount code - HNBKHM1H
Lee Gregory Fitness

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