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Hench Nutrition Protein Mousse Dessert Review

By Greggers254 @LeeGregory254
I recently received some protein mousse Dessert from my sponsors Hench Nutrition. I didn't know what to expect to be honest, as I have had a few different 'healthy desserts' over the years and they didn't taste nice, and the nutritional content was poor. However, I was pleasantly surprised.
Hench Nutrition Protein Mousse Dessert Review
The ease of making this product is incredible, all you need is a bowl or a shaker and some water/milk. Simply mix together the water/milk and the powder, and your dessert is ready.
Per 40g serving consists of:
- 151kcal
- 29.3g protein
- 2.4g carbs
  of which sugars: 2.2g
- 3.2g fat
- 5.6g BCAA's
I have to say, for a dessert that tastes so good, the nutritional content is amazing. It's the perfect swap for a typically unhealthy ice cream dessert.
While eating this product, even though it tastes like a sickly chocolate mousse, it's satisfying knowing that it's fueling my gains, not wrecking them.
Check this amazing product out for yourself at
Lee Gregory Fitness 

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