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Hello Mornings!

By Hblack79

Hi there!

How did your Monday shape up?  Mine was a typical Monday.  Nothing too exciting, just work and realizing that the weekend was officially over.  What a bummer.  Onward and upward though as we look forward to the next weekend!  I’ve realized that the majority of my weekends are full between now and the end of the summer.  I’m excited about all the trips I have planned so far – Milwaukee, Houston, Birmingham, Tennessee!  It’s going to be a fun-filled summer, that’s for sure.

This past weekend, we wrapped up Girls on the Run with our 5k race.  Our chapter is so incredibly small right now, we team up with races in our area for the Girls on the Run 5k each season.  This season we ran the Magnolia Meltdown race.  Our girls did a fantastic job and we had so much fun celebrating their accomplishment.  I was a running buddy for a sweet girl on another team.  The girls are required to run with a running buddy throughout the race and if their family doesn’t have someone to run with them then our chapter provides a running buddy.  All three of the girls on my team had their own running buddies, so I filled in elsewhere.

This organization has been such a blessing in my life!  I have two girls from my very first seasons with Girls on the Run who come back each year to run the 5k with us.  This season was no different and I was thrilled when I ran into one of them just a few days before the race and they told me that they had just signed up and they would be seeing me on Saturday!  They have the sweetest hearts and I’m so proud of the young ladies they are becoming.



Have you heard of Hello, Mornings?!  It’s so neat.  I’m currently in a biblestudy group with 15 other women and we’re using the Voxer app to communicate.  It’s really cool because we can either voice talk in the app or text, depending on our preference or length of our conversation.  It has been such a tremendous blessing in my life.  We check in with each other every morning and the program encourages healthy living habits along with daily quiet time with God.  I’m loving it!  You commit to a six week program and then they take 2 weeks off before you sign up to do another session.  We’re currently on week 4, so there are about 5 weeks before the next session starts, but I strongly encourage you to take a look at what this organization is all about!  I’ve been so impressed with the program and love that I have the opportunity to meet 15 ladies from all walks of life for one common purpose.

  • Have you done a Hello Mornings biblestudy?
  • Do you volunteer with Girls on the Run?  Do they even have that in your area?
  • What is something fun you have planned this week?

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