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Healthy, Quick And Easy Pea Soup Recipe :)

By Tatiannalovingfit @lovingfit

Jan 25, 2012 by

Healthy Recipe


The first time I tried the recipe for this soup, I got so addicted to it that I started to make it every day and sometimes several times a day. I now buy frozen peas in bulk at the whole sale store just so I can make my favorite soup. I do that with everything I love, if you like something why not eat it every day right. I love this recipe because it only requires 5 minutes of your time, few ingredients, it’s healthy and delicious. My husband has been making fun of me when I make this soup cause he is not a big lover of healthy eating, only on occasions.

Here is how I make my favorite soup.

The ingredients

  • 3 cups of frozen organic sweet peas
  • Unsweetened Almond Milk – half a cup or a full cup depending on the thickness preference ( you can add regular milk, or cream that’s what the original recipe called for, but since I don’t recommend anyone drinking dairy, I just use unsweetened almond milk )
  • Sea Salt – to taste


Healthy and quick Recipe


You can also add your own choice of protein – I always have either pre cooked chicken breast or turkey, and I added to the side with my soup.



Place the peas into the boiling pan and add the Almond Milk. Brink it almost to boil, but not all the way.


Healthy and Quick Recipe


Now pour it out into the blender and blend it well for 20 seconds.


Healthy and Quick Recipe


Take it out of the blender and put it back into the boiling pan. Place it on medium heat and add salt to taste, you can also add other spices if you like but I prefer it plain.

Within a minute it’s ready



Healthy and Quick Recipe


If you like you can also add a few eggs to the blending process, just so you can have more protein. I do that when I don’t have any chicken or turkey.

Let me know how you like it, I shared this recipe with my grandma the other day and she loved it very much as well



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