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Healing Natural Oils: Uses and Benefits

By Kenin Bassart @Constantramble

Even before modern medicine came to life, people use the “alternative” or natural way of medication. For centuries, people use oils extracted from a variety of plants, leaves, flowers, stems and even fruit. Using essential oils as a kind of therapy is called Aromatherapy. The oils use compounds of flowers, roots, herbs, and fruits that people utilize for curing certain diseases. A drop, a smell, or a stroke of powerful and healing natural oils goes such a long way to magically treat the ailment one suffers. It can also be used for other health benefits and wellness.

Some Amazing Healing Natural Oils

Today, we will be narrowing down the most amazing healing natural oils in this modern generation. Discover these natural oils for healing that you can use whenever and wherever you are. You might be surprised that some (or all) of them are just sitting down in your fridge or on your backyard. Check these out as we break them down for you.

Healing Natural Oils: Uses and Benefits
Lemon Oil

As bright as its color, lemon oils are made to brighten up your day. Lemon oils are natural brightening agents that can light up your skin. Lemons are perfect to cure sunburn and acne. But what most people don’t know is that lemons are also anti-aging agents.

Amazing, right?

But it doesn’t stop there, because lemon oils fight dandruff and hair loss too. So, better to try lemon oils out now.

Cinnamon Oil

Cinnamon oils have been used since the time of the bible. Evidently, it is known for the many benefits that it gives for the health.

One of the most amazing benefits of cinnamon oils is that it helps balance your blood sugar. Medical studies have shown that these natural healing oils help out your Glucose Tolerance Factor (GTF) in balancing your insulin levels.

Cinnamon oils are also great antimicrobial agent to clean the area around. They are proven and tested amazing healing natural oils.

Healing Natural Oils: Uses and Benefits
Lavender Oil

The lavender, in general, is widely used for its wonderful aroma around the world. But the lavender natural healing oils are not only used for scent but most importantly, as a natural remedy for many ailments.

Inhaling lavender essential oils calms the mind and body by helping the body to regulate adrenaline. It is also rubbed into bee and insects stings to reduce pain and swelling. Lavender natural healing oils soothe all kinds of skin rashes, redness, and pain. Isn’t it incredible?

Peppermint Oil

Another very popular healing natural oil is peppermint oil. Over a hundred benefits found out by experts are coming from peppermint oils. From being a cure for cancer to bad breath, peppermint oils are simply one of the best healing natural oils in this planet. One of nature’s greatest miracle!

This compound found in peppermint oils is the star of all shows, which we call the menthol. Menthol has been shown to act as analgesic on the body, reduce inflammation and is a great antioxidant.

Peppermint oils are great antibacterial oils as well. They are used as a breath freshener and for some other hygienic purposes.

Myrrh Oil Essential Oil
Myrrh Oil

One of the most awesome-smelling oils on the planet is the myrrh oil. It is also made from resin like other healing natural oils (such as frankincense). Another fun fact about Myrrh oil is that it is in one of the oldest medical records from an ancient medical Egyptian list of prescription recipes.

Myrrh essential oil is extremely high in antioxidants. You can use it for your oral hygiene routine, for your skin care routine, and for cleaning and sanitation of the area.

Myrrh is also known to be emotionally calming and soothing, so it really does a good job in relieving a person from emotional and physical stress.

Cedarwood Oil

Cedarwood is found in the pine family and is steamed and distilled from the bark to get the oil. Traditionally, ancient people used this oil to embalm the dead. It is also used as an incense in some traditional places like Tibet. The bark of the cedar wood tree itself has a woodsy, warm, balsamic aroma.

Cedarwood oils, as natural oils for healing, stimulate the mind and the heart which serves as an awesome emotional cleansing oil. It is also really good for your heart and lungs, as some people smell Cedarwood oil before going to bed if they have difficulty sleeping or if they have difficulty breathing.

Cedarwood oil is also known to support healthy and glowing skin. It gives sensational oxidation to your body balance to provide emotional calming and grounding. So, if you know someone who is suffering from anxiety or stress issues, cedarwood oil can be your best gift for them.

Healing Natural Oils: Uses and Benefits
Cypress Oil

It is really good to discover healing natural oils to not only heal diseases but to also rejuvenate and enhance beauty. Cypress oil is one of them!

Cypress oil, which is obviously made out of cypress, is a thousand years old essential oil used by ancient people for healing and for other purposes it is known for. However, the most common use of cypress oil is as an anti-aging agent. Women in the old days use this oil for cleansing the face, as well as a moisturizer for the whole skin.

But here’s the catch: with more scientific studies and analysis conducted for this essential oil, it has been discovered that cypress oil is an amazing skin ointment or cure for scratches, wounds and several skin allergies.

Rosemary Oil

One of the most celebrated essential oil is rosemary oil. Along of its many benefits is the most known benefits that it causes for the hair. This amazing healing natural oil stimulates your hair follicles and therefore enables your hair to grow stronger and thicker. Number one tip for this oil is to put a few drops on your palm and massage it to your scalp to treat hair loss and other scalp allergies like dandruff.

You can also give your immune system a helping hand when the flu season rolls around. Give yourself a relaxing bath with added rosemary essential oil to detoxify your body and boost your immunity.

As we said, rosemary is like the queen of healing natural oils. Aside from its many other benefits, it’s also great for indigestion, skin allergies, and high blood pressure. It is also a great mosquito repellent. Just amazing.

8 unique and effective ways to use healing natural oils at home

In this juncture, let’s find out more healing power of essential oils, natural recipes and home remedies that are proven effective and incredibly applicable for years.

The way of using them at home depends on the effect or healing powers that you want to experience. Whether you want to cure a rash, or improve your sleep or lighten up the aura in your house, healing natural oils can do them all. If you only know how to use them.

So, let’s get started!

1. Putting them in your shower

The first way that you can use essential oils is to put them in your shower every morning. This is a really great way to wake up and improve your energy in the morning.

You can throw some few essential oil drops on the bottom of your shower in the mist. The heat activates that healing natural oils. We mostly recommend peppermint oils for this step as peppermint is known to boost your mental and physical vitality.

Additional tip: Just be very careful, when you put oil in your shower, not to slip.

2. Put a couple of drops on your pillow

If you have some trouble getting sleep, or if you have been suffering from anxiety and insomnia, then this next tip has to be on your list.

Putting some drops on your pillow before you go to sleep just really helps you soothe and calm your mind. We definitely recommend lavender oils for this one. Lavender oil is known to eliminate nervous tension. It also improves your blood circulation which works best during your sleep.

3. Use as part of your skincare routine

It is also really nice to add essential oils at night to your skincare routine. Even if you have oily skin, we definitely recommend using them on. And before you give us that look, you need to know that it’s really important to revitalize your skin every single day. Don’t you want to wake up with that very beautiful skin?

4. Use for cleaning

This next tip may not be necessarily part of the healing ways, but what more can cause good health and healing than a clean and green surrounding, right?

Essential oils, like lemon oil and tea tree, can actually detoxify your air, fight germs and bacteria that cause some major sickness and deceases. You can add them to your washer, wipes, or any DIY solution you make in cleaning your house.

5. Use to cure sickness

If you are having menstrual cramps, you can actually use lavender oil in your bathtub to reduce pain and increase your blood flow. You can use rose oil which stimulates your hormones. You can use chamomile which reduces anxiety and stress. And the list goes on and on.

6. Use through muscle pain

This technique is actually perfect for bodybuilders and active athletes who are prone to muscle pain and tension, or for you who have a couple of soreness and muscle pain. The best way we can recommend is to rub them on your aching muscles. You can even put a few drops on your neck pillow or neck massager and that would be oh-so-great of a feeling!

Most people like to combine healing natural oils, like peppermint and rosemary together, to give a more soothing and refreshing feeling on your muscles.

7. Use with oil diffuser

We can promise you that it is not as weird as it sounds! A lot of people use this trick when they do meditation or manifestation, during yoga or other cleansing and religious practices.

Putting healing natural oils to your diffuser helps spread the healing and calming smell of essential oils around the area. This is also a great way to cleanse and purify the air. Along with calming music and gentle smell around, you just treated yourself with the best time for meditation and visualization.

Essential oils like frankincense and lavender are perfect for manifestation. Frankincense is even known as the oil of truth because if you do that spiritual awareness and intuition, it is used a lot throughout the entire history when it came to religious rituals and ceremonies.

8. Use as a bug repellent

Sprinkle or spray some essential oils on your patio or on your porch, then you’re good to go. Essential oils are perfect for places that has a lot of mosquitoes or bugs, too. A lot of people also tried putting them on their fans or air conditioning system as to cleanse the air around, a trick that only mosquitoes would hate.

Note, however, that most essential oils are not good for dogs and other domestic pets. Better to check the oils out or look them up, before you do this step.

So, that’s about it. Healing natural oils can actually cause a gazillion benefits to your body, beauty and wellness. We have mentioned several of them, but we are so excited to see you discover more and more benefits on your own.

Remember that there a lot of ways to use them. Don’t be afraid to explore and utilize more ways to incorporate healing natural oils in your lifestyle. We hope this article helps you in a lot of ways and inspires you to use essential oils.

What’s the first essential oil you want to try?

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