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Happy Valentine’s Day!

By Beautifulbuns

When I move to Korea in future, I’ll set up a chocolate store during the month of February and March – it’s such a money-maker. hah. Today’s the day that all women in Korea give chocolates to the men, and on March 14, if the men give you back chocolates, it’s supposedly a sign that they are reciprocating your love.

If they don’t, I suppose you could drown your sorrows in jjajangmyeon (black bean paste noodles).

For me, I went on an impulse date with the fooster – well, technically we just went to eat, shop, yoga, and eat again.

stuffing our faces at piquenique – the yummiest waffle + ice cream and hot ranch chilli cheese fries. noms. so much for yoga.


Anyhoos, whether you’re single, double (in a couple), or upsized with kids and a family, here’s wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day with a handwritten love note and a handmade straw origami heart! -smooches galore-  :D


\P.S. Thanks to belif for showering me with some Valentine’s Day love



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