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Happy Independence Day India!!

By Monika @modonika
Happy Independence Day India!!
Happy Independence Day India!!
Modonika gives a ‘Rashtriya Salute’ to India, Indian National Flag, legends and heroes. Wishing for harmony, peace, good luck and safety.
Do not expect from country to do for you something, just ask yourself what you are doing for your country?? If you are serving in right manner and using it's property in good way?
Take a pledge to remain honest with country and country people.
Try to be a good citizen by inspiring others around you. Your little good action never goes waste, it always serve others. Do not split and throw waste. Keep it clean for yourself, people and your coming generations.
So, do something special around you by planting tree, making someone stand on his/her feet by helping then for a living or educate a child. Share Legends stories with kids. Request you to not to destroy public properties, do not break rules and respect your nation and freedom. Be safe and make your nation safe.

Make Independence Day "SPECIAL" & "DIFFERENT"!! Salute legends and heroes!!
Jai Hind, Jai Bharat!

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Happy Independence Day India!!

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