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Happy Hour

By Joysautismblog @joysautismblog

It’s been so very hot here in the last week. We did get a lovely break today…at one point today I looked at our computer where there is a little box telling the current weather conditions and it said 66*. Ahh perfect lovely 66* air blowing in through my windows. It was awesome.

Yesterday though I looked up where my van tells the temperature when I was running errands and it said 101* and the heat index was way up there to like 115* or something disgusting like that. It was like walking through a bowl of soup.

I try hard not to complain about the weather. I always say forget the weather let’s have a good day anyway…after all you only live once and letting the weather ruin half of your days seems like such a waste. I have to admit though, it was hard for me to be positive when it was just so terribly hot.

During the recent heat wave we went to Sonic happy hour for slushies a little too much, I know this because every time we get in the car lately the kids say “Slushies?!” and randomly through the day a child will ask me “Mom, is it happy hour?”

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