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Happy Halloween!

By Joysautismblog @joysautismblog

Oh it’s not Halloween? What’s that? It’s still over a month away?

Adrian is so stubborn. He saw the Halloween costumes at Target yesterday. He picked up a Wolverine costume and thought he was going to get it-he wasn’t. Today he keeps insisting that it’s “October”. I hate to tell him you can’t will it to be October just because you repeat over and over and over to your mom “October! October! October!”

Do you remember making paper chains in school out of red and green construction paper as a kid to count down the days until Christmas? I’m thinking a black and orange paper chain is in order soon so Adrian can count the days until Halloween.

We had an issue at school last week. Adrian took a little Spiderman figure with him to school. I don’t generally let him take anything to school (although his teacher said she didn’t mind) but sometimes he smuggles it in his pocket or I just let it go every now and then. Last Thursday he took his little figure to school with him. About an hour after he’d been home from school he started frantically crying about his “Spiderman Friend” and he cried all day long. I looked everywhere for it, even outside to see if he dropped it on the way in from the bus. The girls tracked down every other spiderman action figure he had and brought them to him in hopes of cheering him up. No luck. He told me he lost it on the bus and after a lot of tears I convinced him to calm down and that we’d ask the bus driver on Friday. When she came I asked her and she said he hadn’t left it on the bus, I wrote his teacher a note to see if maybe he left it at school. No luck. When he was getting off the bus the driver was apologizing about it even though it was not her fault in any way and as I was talking to her Adrian checked her pockets!! I about died partly from embarrassment and partly from the hilarity of it. She laughed and I apologized and I got him into the house. We were inside for about an hour when Sanura spoke the magic words…”I found Adrian’s Spiderman!” It had fallen inside of the recliner. I’m just glad it’s found and if I ever see that particular action figure at the store I’m buying backups!!

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