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Guest Post: The Modified Dolls Fundraiser for Autism Speaks

By Joysautismblog @joysautismblog
My friend Kara is a member of The Modified Dolls and this World Autism Awareness Day I am proud to pass along this information about their fundraiser for Autism Speaks. If you are a modified woman who wants to make a difference you should consider checking out The Modified Dolls: The Modified Dolls are a Washington State based non-profit charitable organization supporting a different national charity each month.  Our goal is to erase the negative stereotypes associated with modifed (tattooed, pierced, etc.) women by doing charity work.  Our individual chapters also do charity work in our own communities. All of April, the Modified Dolls Illinois Chapter will be hosting an online Scentsy and Thirty-One benefit for Autism Speaks.  100% of the chapter’s proceeds from the benefit will be donated to Autism Speaks. Kristin Trammell, Scentsy consultant, and Alexis Roman, Thirty-One consultant, are kindly donating their time and commissions to this fundraiser. To place a Scentsy order, please visit and select the “MDI for Autism Speaks” party.  If you would like to host a Scensty book party, contact Kristin through her contact link at this website and you will receive a bonus.  The warmer of the month is Mother’s Day and the scent of the month is Cerise.  Both are 10% off all month long.  The Modified Dolls Illinois Chapter will receive 20% of retail sales up to $2000 or 25% of retails sales over $2000 for Autism Speaks. To place a Thirty-One order, please visit and select “Place an Order”.  Spend $31 and get any purse for half price.  The Modified Dolls Illinois Chapter will receive 20% of retail sales for Autism Speaks.  To book a party with Alexis, please contact her at [email protected] . For more information on The Modified Dolls, please visit .  For information on the Modified Dolls Illinois Chapter, please visit their Facebook page at  or contact Illinois Head Doll, Kara Scott, at [email protected] .  All of April, Kara will be sharing information and resources for Autism on her Facebook fan page at . Please feel free to pass this fundraiser along to family and friends who are interested in supporting Autism Speaks.

Modified Dolls

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