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Growing A Vegetable Garden in a Circle to Maximize Space. Brilliant!

By Healyounaturally @healU_naturally

Featured Vegetable: Radish

Growing A Vegetable Garden in a Circle to Maximize Space. Brilliant!

Growing vegetables is fairly easy, especially in the summer and fall months. You can grow them in a garden bed, a container or pretty much anywhere as long as they get full sun and are watered often.

This time I am featuring radishes, because that's one resilient vegetable, full of an important mineral but I'll talk about that in a few...

Often times plant radishes along the edges of a garden bed, but since I didn't have much space left- I planted them in a circle this season. I do the same for other vegetables like scallions.

Don't love radishes? Here are a few Reasons you May Change Your Mind

Radishes are a good source of Iodine an extremely important mineral that helps with thyroid function, and even weight management. They serve a similar purpose as dandelion root; to help detox the liver. As an added bonus it protects your DNA from radiation. Remember, radishes have a decent amount of iodine to help the thyroid do its job, detox the liver, and mainly prevent breast cancer. (Research confirm that a lack of iodine, Vitamin D

Growing Vegetable Garden Circle Maximize Space. Brilliant!
and other factors play a role in breast cancer development).

Ways to Consume Radishes

I love to juice radishes, add them to salads or eat them raw with a dash a Himalayan salt as a snack. I was recently speaking to my neighbors Father he is Italian, and he said you can cook them in olive oil and salt. I've never done it but may try it soon. I prefer certain vegetables raw- radishes is one of those.

There you have it. A few more reasons to plant some radishes this year. They are tangy, crunchy and a fantastic way to add some natural minerals to your diet.

As always thanks for reading and sharing my posts. I'd love to hear in the comments below your thoughts on radishes and ways of enjoying them.

What's your verdict on radishes? What is your favorite way of enjoying radishes?

To your best health,

Growing Vegetable Garden Circle Maximize Space. Brilliant!

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