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Green Tea Helps to Get Rid of Belly Fat

By Moamen Enoo
Do you suffer from weight gain and fat accumulation, especially in the paunch? Many people say yes for many reasons, including neglecting doing Insanity Workout Calendar and maintain on eating healthy foods or because of certain diseases. According to doctors, the accumulated fat in the abdominal area is stubborn, sticking doggedly strange and cause danger to your physical and mental health. There are some recipes using green tea to get rid of these fats:
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1. Green tea with sage, chamomile, and cinnamon
Soak equal amount of green tea, sage, chamomile and cinnamon in boiling water, and then wait until it cool down and drink it in the morning and evening.
2. Green tea with mint, ginger and pomegranate peel
Boil two teaspoons of green tea, mint, ginger and pomegranate peel in appropriate amount of water, then filter it and wait until it cool down, you can drink it daily after every meal.
3. Green tea with cumin and chamomile
Mix a teaspoon of green tea, cumin and chamomile with water and place the mixture on the fire until it boils, then filter it and drink a cup daily.
That's It , You Must be maintained insanity workout calendar and health maintenance

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