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Glam HairBOX: Revolutionizing the Way Women Purchase Hair

By Rockitnapptural @Rockitnapptural
Glam HairBOX: Revolutionizing the Way Women Purchase Hair
Monthly subscription box services are one of those things that just took off as soon as they hit the pavement! The types of subscription boxes that are now available for women of color and women with naturally curly, kinky or tightly coiled hair is especially on the rise. There are several subscription box services available that cater to women with natural hair such as Curl Box, Curl Kit, and some others. Most of these subscription services offer samples of various hair products and tools, giving you options for what you use in your natural hair care routine...
 Glam HairBOX: Revolutionizing the Way Women Purchase Hair
Most recently, Glam HairBOX has stepped into the subscription box game, offering something a little different for women by "revolutionizing the way women purchase hair".  For many women who could not afford to purchase hair extensions in the past or simply refused to pay some of the outlandish prices that are associated with high-quality hair like myself, a low-cost option is now available!
What is Glam HairBOX?
Glam HairBOX provides 100% all virgin bundles of Brazilian, Indian, Malaysian and Peruvian hair delivered to your doorstep at your convenience, and on a monthly basis. This allows you to explore various textures, lengths and hair styles that you may want to wear. Glam HairBOX is definitely something I'm excited about trying! Each Glam HairBOX will include 2-3 bundles of luxury hair extensions of whichever texture and length you choose.

Glam HairBOX: Revolutionizing the Way Women Purchase Hair

Kentara Williams and Tarin Boone of Naturally Me! Media

"Many women that are currently natural or even transitioning have worn or considered wearing hair extensions as a part of their routine. However, many women, myself included, could not afford or refused to pay the high prices associated with high-quality extensions. This two-fold problem was also plagued with the question of: how do I take care of the weave, as well as my natural hair?"  Tarin Boone of Naturally Me! Media

How Does the Whole Process Work? Membership is $19.97 every 6 months. On the 1st and 15th of each month, Glam Hair Box will have an open enrollment period in which you can order the box that you desire. There will be three variations of each box:
  • Sparkle GlamBOX: includes two bundles for $149.95
  • Shine GlamBOX: includes three bundles for $179.95 
  • Glitz GlamBOX: includes three bundles in 14, 16 and 18 inches for $229.95.

Get more info on Glam HairBOX by watching the Launch Video:

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To get more information on Glam Hair Box or to sign up for membership, visit the website at You can also keep up with Glam HairBOX on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+.
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