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Give Me Cold Lunch Or the Teacher Gets It

By Joysautismblog @joysautismblog

I guess Adrian’s world stops turning when I don’t send him with cold lunch to school this year. Last year he mostly had hot lunch and the year before that sometimes I would send lunch and sometimes he would have hot lunch. He never really cared one way or the other.

When I went to get his lunch ready this morning I discovered that I really needed to make a run to the store and didn’t really have enough stuff to make him a cold lunch. He had money in his account so I figured he could just have hot lunch. He was irritated about not taking his lunch box but I figured he’d get over it once he got on the bus.

Adrian’s teacher called me about an hour into school. He was fighting them, trying to bite, acting crazy. It had to be about the lunch because nothing else had happened this morning that would have made him upset.

Now I know…never ever run out of stuff to make his cold lunch for school.

His teacher wrote me a note that he calmed down some after Glen and I talked with him on the phone this morning. They made him a PB&J sandwich and he seemed to chill out a little.

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