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Girls on the Run

By Hblack79

Good Morning! How was your weekend?  As always, I’m a little sad it’s over and now I’m getting ready for another day of work.  Luckily, I enjoy my job, but who would rather be at work than relaxing on a weekend?  Not any sane person.

Friday night, I went over to Nick’s mom house to have dinner with his family while we waited for him to get in town! I made some delicious banana oatmeal cookies to share with everyone and they turned out better than the first batch I ever made, so that was pretty exciting!  I used them as a breakfast cookie and then later on as a post-workout snack.  They were officially gone by Saturday!

On Saturday, I woke up for my Girls on the Run Training!  I have been so excited for this program.  I originally heard about it from Julie @ Peanut Butter Fingers and enjoyed checking in each week as her enthusiasm for the program grew throughout the season.  I can’t wait to meet my co-coach and meet our girls in a few short weeks.  I hope this is an empowering program for them and a beautiful continuation of ending obesity, teen pregnancy, and diabetes in Mississippi.


I’m currently waiting to hear back from my co-coach so we can set up a time for us to get to know each other and plan out our first couple of lessons.

After training I met up with Nick’s family for lunch at Piccadilly’s and it was delicious!  I had never been, but I got an assortment of different vegetable dishes and the most wonderful Mexican cornbread!

I may have mentioned that Nick is running in my place for the Mercedes Marathon.  After lunch, it was time for one of Nick’s training runs – the longest run he’ll do before the actual marathon.  So we set out to do 15 miles – him on foot, of course, and I decided to ride my bike with him to keep him company and help him out with water & snacks throughout the run.  He finished the 15 miles a little over 3 hours so I have no doubt he’ll survive the marathon in under 6 hours!  Now he’s focusing on stretching and endurance.  I look forward to seeing how he does!  Since he did so great on the run, I treated him to some Japanese that night – he loves sushi!

Sunday was pretty low key around here – I went and hung out with a friend and her daughter then Nick and I headed out to Engine 2 Graduation!  Nick has done excellent on the Engine 2 Challenge and lost almost 10 pounds with it.  He plans to continue it until the marathon so the weight loss will help him run easier.  I also didn’t do great on the last week of the diet, so I’ll be sticking to the diet for another few weeks during the week day, but I’ll splurge a little on the weekends due to being out of town and such.

Mary Lindsey did such a great job on the dinner and in true bad blogger fashion, I forgot to get a great picture of the meal, but I did happen to snap a picture of the delicious chocolate cupcakes she made.  Seriously, how can you call this a diet when you can eat wonderful things like this?!


Switching gears here…. this is my workout schedule for the week:

Monday – Leg Strength Training, Stretching, run 1/4 mile

Tuesday – Arms, Abs, Stretching, run 1/4 mile

Wednesday – Pilates Reformer (my first time!)

Thursday – Leg Strength Training, Stretching, run 1/4  mile

Friday – Arms, Abs, Stretching, run 1/4 mile

Saturday & Sunday – I’m going to do a 1/2 mile each day and see how my knee feels!

  • Have you participated in Girls on the Run?
  • What workouts are you doing this week?  Trying anything new?

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