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Getting Healthy | This Time I Mean It!

By Kerysmarie @littleboblab
    Getting healthy | This time I mean it!   Getting healthy | This time I mean it!
Getting healthy | This time I mean it!
Getting healthy | This time I mean it!   The Gym Group Leeds   Sooo, I've been lying to myself for a while now about getting fit & healthy. I always seem to find myself in bed at night thinking; Oh cutting down portion sizes & doing a couple of sits ups every day will be a piece of cake! .. & coincidentally the following day I'll actually eat a whole cake instead of my new fitness regime!.. *face palm*   Well that is no more! Creature hounded me relentlessly until I signed us both up to the gym & for the past week I've actually found it to be quite enjoyable. I must admit, finding the effort to get up and actually go to the gym at first was a bit torturous, but after getting over the initial shock of *holy shit those machines look way too industrial* I'm actually pretty sure I've had a go on most of the equipment. & slowly but surely we're becoming one of those annoying fitness couples. (Minus the constant Facebook updates - I refuse to go that far)    If you're in the Leeds area & looking for a decent gym, I definitely recommend The Gym, Its situated on the top floor of The Core shopping center (which very handily has a Sports Direct below it!)   Its open 24/7 which is great considering a lot of the others around Leeds City Centre are only open until 11pm, so you really have no excuse not to go after work either. My only niggle about The Gym is that it doesn't have a pool, BUT its only £15.99 a month with absolutely no contract so you will not be binded for any length of time - Which is pretty decent to be honest. Plus the equipment is top notch, they have tonnes of great classes every day & they have a lovely team of personal trainers too if you're in need of a helping hand.   Getting healthy | This time I mean it!
Getting healthy | This time I mean it!
| Rocket salad with Olives, Marinated chicken breast & low cal dressing. |
 | Fruit salad with low fat vanilla yoghurt |
  Of course we also have to start eating well too. No more cake! - Or crisps, or cookies or any of those delicious processed snacks I so dearly love..
Instead our treats have been substituted for low fat yoghurt & fruit! & actually I'm not finding it as hard as I initially thought I would. I've found I absolutely LOVE bananas and blueberries. As well as that we've also been eating a lot of high carb foods like Cous Cous. Ainsley Harriot does a yummy range which are on offer 5 for £3 in Tesco at the moment, which teamed with a little bit of salad and grilled chicken or salmon makes a pretty yummy meal!   We've been signed up at The Gym Leeds for about 2 weeks now & I'm happy to report I'm eating better, exercising 4-5 times a week and already I'm seeing my weight lifting capacity becoming higher & my stamina becoming a lot stronger. Plus I've lost 5lbs! - Huzzar!
Getting healthy | This time I mean it! So, my lovely readers now is the time where I ask for your healthy wisdom!
I love cooking, but I need some suggestions on some low calorie/fat recipes that still taste great! HOWEVER, due to us living in a small apartment, we don't actually have a proper oven (just this weird combi-microwave grill.. of which I still don't know how to fully use)
So they need to be able to be made on a griddle pan/George Forman grill or on the hob.
Any suggestions would be great & if I make them I'll feature your recipe on Bo Blab with full credit to the master chef (which will be you.. Of course)
Do you accept my challenge?
 - Please post your recipes including full list of ingredients & instructions in the comment form below. Please also include you twitter or email address so I can inform you if I use your recipe!
 I will try and feature at least 2 recipes a  month (depending on how many of you accept this challenge!)
Are you a fitness fanatic?
Can you recommend any classes that are worth trying?   
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 Getting healthy | This time I mean it!

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