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Boyfriend T-shirts | Mini Haul

By Kerysmarie @littleboblab
Boyfriend t-shirts | Mini haul
Boyfriend t-shirts | Mini haul | Hogwarts T-shirt - £6 Primark | Mean girls t-shirt - Ebay |
I wish I could say I'm one of these girls that loves a dress, but I'm not. I'm definitely a jeans & t-shirt kind of girl through and through.  And ever since seeing Jess from Jessica In Your Ears Hogwarts t-shirt at a recent event, I've wanted my own! On a recent trip into Primark to grab the essentials I actually managed to get my hand on the navy blue version of this magical tee, and believe me I was also very tempted by the Slytherin and Griffindor tees too - But now that would be a tad obsessive now wouldn't it?
I've also recently been sent a fabulous t-shirt that commemorates one of my favorite films of all time, Mean Girls. I actually got this shirt for free through a store on Ebay after a very long winded dispute over 2 t-shirts going missing in the post and a completely made up investigation with royal mail by them. I eventually got a refund and a free t-shirt as compensation, but I won't be recommending this store any time soon as it seems from their recent feedback, this isn't the first time this has happened, and several people experienced the same treatment recently.
I am however utterly in love with both these tees. I've worn both simply with skinny jeans, sandals,  and a leather jacket, keeping the whole look very plain. But the inner geek inside me is just over the moon with both looks!
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Boyfriend t-shirts | Mini haul

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