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General Tips For Athletes

By Moamen Enoo
Many young people are Ignores healthy diets and insanity workout calendar , but what if we tell you the General tips for athletes we think that you are going to change your mind.
Insanity Workout Calendar

General tips for athletes

1- Give your brain its preferred food, and know that water forms 65% of the various elements that make up the brain, so it is the first elements of the body affected by the low ratio of water and humidity, and drink at least a liter and half of water and fluids daily.
2- Eat fish twice or three times a week, as eating fish leads to the alleviation of depression and headaches midterm.
3- Exercise a different sport from the one you play, as the researches proved that aerobic exercises which speed up the heart beats activate the mental functions by increasing blood flow to the brain.
4- Eat fruits and colorful vegetables as it protect against diseases that damage the sense of sight such as darkening the eye lens.
5- Protect your ears from loud uproar by using special earplugs and do not leave that water in your ears after bath, as it leads to ear infections.
6- Eat foods that contain vitamin B2, because this vitamin helps to fight cracks on the corners of the mouth, and it is available in light-fat milk.
7- Do not smoke, as the American Institute for Cancer Research confirmed that from 80 to 90% of mouth and throat cancer caused by smoking.
8- Be sure to visit the dentist in order to check your teeth and treating it regularly.
9- Eat olive oil, eating 3 tablespoons of olive oil daily leads to protect the body from many serious diseases.
10- Make periodic checks to make sure of your general health and follow the doctor's advice without negligence.
11- Drink orange juice and banana, both are important source of potassium which helps to keep blood pressure low.
12- Exercise different sports to relieve stress on the joints, play swimming once a week, walk long strides as it helps to relieve knee injuries, protects muscle ruptures and prevents twisting tendons in the body.
13- Play aerobic exercise that increases the flexibility of the body, such as yoga, they prevent backache.
14- Put little salt in your food, studies indicate that the risk of stomach cancer increased in people who increase their intake of salty foods.
15- Chew your food slowly, as the ingestion of food quickly hinders the digestion process and expose you to have acidity and heartburn.
That's It , You Must be maintained insanity workout calendar and health maintenance

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