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Fun with Food Camp

By Hblack79


Good Afternoon!

I’m at Starbucks writing up my post for today.  I made the drive up to Starkville last night and seriously… this is the easiest Free-standing Starbucks.  The one back home is inside the Target.  I love coming to this Starbucks to get work done – which is exactly what I’m doing today.  I have my Blog, Inc. book with me and I’m working to fix my Comment issue along with my networked blogs issue because I noticed that my posts are not linking with Facebook & Twitter like they should.



Work has been monotonous lately because we’re going to a new e-filing system and so I’m converting all of our paper files to e-files which is extremely boring.  I usually don’t take lunch breaks unless I’m meeting with a friend, but Friday was draaaggggiiiinnnnggggg….. SO I decided to actually take a lunch break and enjoy that hour of freedom.  I headed to Whole Foods because ya know what?  There is always beauty there!  It can be the flowers or the fresh produce, but I absolutely love lingering.  I chose my usual Kevita Organic Pomegranate (<– You can purchase A CASE of it on Amazon, y’all!!) drink because it’s something that lifts my mood!


It was a refreshing break and then I headed back to finish my work before leaving for Starkville.  Last nights dinner was cheap – Mexican, which is my fave.  I didn’t have the greatest experience though.  I ordered my usual rice w/ sauteed veggies & a small cheese dip.  I found a piece of chicken and a piece of steak in my veggies though – so that was upsetting, but I finished off the rice and pushed all the veggies to the side.  That was disappointing and I won’t be eating there again.

We also watched “Walk of Shame” last night with Elizabeth Banks and it was hilarious, but cheesy.  One of those movies that would never actually happen in real life, but it was entertaining to watch.  Also, I adore Elizabeth Banks.

This morning, I woke up for a good run… except I woke up late and it wasn’t the greatest.  It was WAY TOO HOT!  I walked most of the way and also got a minor sunburn.  I did pass this sign though and had a TON of questions….


  1. Where was this camp when I was a kid? – Because I would have been there!
  2. What exactly does it entail?  - Is it a culinary camp?  Is it playing with your food camp?  Do make little men out of candy and then eat it?  I mean…. I HAVE NO IDEA!!!
  3. How old do you have to be?
  4. Is this why Mississippi has a high obesity rate?
  5. Is this like Fat Camp, but where being Fat is acceptable?

Seriously… I’m so curious!

I also really love running on Mississippi State’s campus because it’s just so pretty!  I could have used a little more shade though.  Don’t be fooled, that was practically the only shade I saw the entire run.



Now I’m off to figure out my gazillion WordPress questions!  Hope y’all have a wonderful Saturday.

  • What do you think Fun With Food camp is?
  • Have you seen Walk of Shame?  
  • What activity refreshes you in the middle of a monotonous boring work day?

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