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Fun {Fall} Workout

By Hblack79

Good Morning!

I’ve completed 17/21 days for my 21 day challenge!  I’m so close to finishing this up and I’m feeling better than ever!  I can’t wait to arrive at my cousin’s tomorrow and plant myself by the pool.  I still have 4 more workouts though and if I can finish that, then I’ll get a prize from Nick! *happy dance*

Last night, my WORKOUT started with 10 minutes on the eliptical, but the one that slides… do you know what I’m talking about?



Big Brother was on at the time and it was a challenge to not look at the screen.  I’ll go home and watch that after work today!  Once I finished on the eliptical, I opted for a workout by It’s Progression.  I realized in all these circuit workouts that I haven’t done much with my arms.  Honestly, I hate working my arms because I feel so dang weak! I love working my legs though.  It was finally time to bite the bullet.



I didn’t complete the 3 circuits, but I did 2.  I really enjoyed the jumping jacks & planks in between each exercise.  And honestly, the fall theme attracted me because yesterday & today actually feel like Fall in Mississippi!  Crazy, right?!

When I got home from the gym, Cappie was looking WAY.TOO.CUTE!  We had a little mini photo session





I realized that my frontal camera is ridiculously grainy compared to the reguarl camera on my phone.  I’m looking forward to a new phone in October!  My iphone has been a pain in my rear lately!

Back to that dog though, I love him so stinkin’ much!  He’s so full of personality and he’s pretty obsessed with me right now, which I love!  When we first got Cappie, he wanted to be like our cats.  Of course, cats have no problem jumping on things so they would always sit on the back of our couch.  It took Cappie a few stumbles to finally figure out how to make that work, but he nailed it!  We’ll get home from dinner a lot of times and he’s sitting up there wagging his little tail at the perfect height for petting.

  • Are you starting to feel Fall weather creep in?!  How crazy is that??
  • What little personality quirk does your pet have?

I think our weather is cooling off like this because I see 4-5 days of thunderstorms in our near future.

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