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Full and Final Update on Sea Life Situation

By Joysautismblog @joysautismblog

First, I had a great showing of support from the people who read my blog and my friends on this situation and I’m so grateful for all of the supportive comments and help with this. Thank you.

I did receive a response from Sea Life about the incident that happened and their lack of response to what happened. I heard from both their general manager and their head of operations. They were both apologetic about the incident and the lack of response that I received which I appreciate.

Most importantly I think we reminded them how their employees need to treat families who have special needs individuals. They said “Rest assured, we have addressed the matter with the individual in question as well as all of the staff and members of management.” and “Please know we are taking this very seriously and are doing our due diligence to educate and retrain our staff.”

I totally see this as a victory for special needs families and I have no doubt their management and staff will take the treatment of special needs patrons a little more seriously now.

Sea Life graciously offered my family a discounted rate and private tour of their facility. While I very much appreciate this gesture we won’t be taking them up on it, our goal wasn’t to get something for nothing. Our goal was to make them aware of this situation and help make their employees aware about how to treat special needs customers and I’m hoping that goal was achieved.

I’m sure we’ll be back to Sea Life at some point in the not too distant future and Adrian really wants to go to LegoLand Discovery Center so hopefully these future trips will be less dramatic than the first trip.

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