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Frozen Blueberries {Jackson, MS Whole Foods Sale!}

By Hblack79

Who else is jumping up and down over a holiday weekend??!! Surely not just me!

Today when I get off at TWO, I’ll be heading straight to pick up Nick and then to Gainesville to stay with his brother & sister-in-law!  We’re going to a big fireworks show on the 4th and spending a day at Disney on Saturday!  Also…. THE FESTIVAL OF THE LION KING IS BACK!!!!!!!!  Y’all, this is my absolutely all time favorite show in the world!! It was closed when I visited in May, but it’s back and you can bet I’ll be there!  I’m lugging my huge old laptop with me so I can still blog though – seriously, that’s love!  I’m in desperate need of a new laptop that’s more travel friendly for easy blogging!

Let’s chat about yesterday though because it was a good day and deserves some attention!

I saw an announcement on our local Whole Foods Facebook Page about Blueberries on sale FOR A DOLLAR!! And to top it off, they were having blueberry pancake samples.  Needless to say, Whole Foods on my lunch break was an obvious choice.  I bought 5 cartons of blueberries – gave one to my parents, I’m taking one on our car ride this weekend, & then I froze the other 3 cartons.  I look forward to using my frozen blueberries in smoothies the next few weeks!






When I got home from work yesterday, I needed to pack, wash a few clothes, workout, eat dinner, & clean out my car.  I went ahead and got my WORKOUT in.  I did the 10 to 6 Workout again because I continue to feel like it defeats me and I’m so determined to complete the entire set of 10 to 6!


I got my area set up.  The gym was pretty dead, so I had plenty of room.  I’ve been pretty bad about bringing water to the gym, so I finally remembered that and believe me, it came in handy as I got farther into the workout!  I also brought a small notecard to write out my workout.  I’m going to start doing this because it really helped!


This time I made it 10 to 7.  Not because I couldn’t have finished off the 6, but my dad text me for DINNER in the middle of round 7, so I completed it and then left to go eat.  We ate at Newk’s which is my favorite place for a veggie pizza!  It completely satisfied my hunger after that sweaty workout!


I went home and cleaned out my car just before the sun set and then finished up my packing.  Now the Newt and I are waiting until it’s time for us to head out of town!  I’ve been Newt-sitting for Nick’s brother & sister-in-law since the move, so I’m sure he’ll be glad to be back home with his people!


I also brought in my bag of food so the chocolate wouldn’t melt out in my car!  Once I hit Starkville, I’m grabbing a Starbucks and then it’s open road from there!  I’ll be checking back in with y’all tomorrow though.

Here’s some extra cuteness to start your weekend off with


  • Do you freeze your own fruit for smoothies?
  • If you can’t seem to complete a particular workout, do you go back and do it over and over until you can?
  • What’s your go-to Travel Essential? – For me, it’s Starbucks!

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