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Frittura Piccata Al Marsala

By Steve @hli_steve

I have enjoyed alot of different kinds of recipe from different places and restaurants. I just found out that I have once also enjoyed this Frittura Piccata al Marsala which was written on  apiece of paper for me by a great chef in Italy. Now the Frittura Piccata al Marsala is made from fillet of Veal and the chef actually gave me a brief description of what he did because he was busy I had to scribble it down. Now I am posting what I had scribble down on this healthy lunch ideas site. IF you have tried this Frittura Piccata al Marsala before and know the recipe please do share with us your thoughts if not and you enjoy cooking try out the recipe below and tell me if I am missing something. I have made this Frittura Piccata al Marsala several times myself but there it always something missing. Anyways give us a shot here on healthy lunch ideas if you think something needs to be changed in the recipe.


  • Veal, butter, Marsala, stock, lemon, bacon.
  1. Cut a tender bit of veal steak into small fillets, cut off all the fat and stringy parts, flour them and fry them in butter.
  2. When they are slightly browned add a glass of Marsala and a teacup of good stock, and fry on a very hot fire, so that the fillets may remain tender.
  3. Take them off the fire, put a little roll of fried bacon on each, add a squeeze of lemon juice, and serve.

Frittura Piccata al Marsala

Photo by: Dinner Series

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