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Fresh Water Pearl – Japan at Disney World

By Hblack79

Nick and I went to Disney World for 4th of July Weekend, Here’s the re-cap in case you missed it:

Ever since I was in the College Program at Disney World, I’ve wanted a Fresh Water Pearl from Japan at Epcot!  I never got one because (1) I was afraid it’d be too expensive (2) It was way too busy or (3) I’m ridiculously indecisive.  Every time my roommates and I would go to Epcot, I absolutely loved going to Japan!  It’s my favorite place to browse in Epcot and I would always stop and watch others open their oysters and receive their pearls!  Once I left the College Program, I never failed to mention it on every trip back – this trip over the 4th of July weekend was no exception!


The conversation went something like this…

Me: I think I’m going to get a Fresh Water Pearl this time!

Nick: Oh good, you always say you want one

Me: Yeah… but then again, I don’t know if I should spend the money

Nick: Heather, you say you want this every single time you come, you should get it!

We get to Japan.

Me: Let me ask how much it is

Sweet Japan Man: $17 for pearl, then you can pick your setting.

Me: Oh ok, let me look around and think about it

Walk around the store a little bit

Me: I kind of like this (a purse, some chopsticks…. whatever!), Maybe I should get this.

Nick: No, go get your pearl.  You’ve always wanted one!

Me: Well okay then!

I got all giddy inside and was really excited when I finally decided I would purchase my own pearl.  I knew I wanted a pearl ring, and I honestly liked the simple look of their cheapest setting, so being the frugal one that I am, that’s what I went with!  Pearl – $17    Ring Setting – $35

The process was a lot of fun and very easy.  They give you a numbered card and when your number is called, you get to pick your oyster from the fresh water.  Being that I’m indecisive, this process caused me a little bit of anxiety at the time.  I finally picked the oyster I wanted though.  Then the super excited Japanese girl teaches you how to count 1, 2, and 3 [Sun, Knee, Itchy].  Then she cracks open the oyster and seeks out the pearl.  They say that the average size is 6.5!  She started measuring mine and it went all the way up to 7.5! [In all honesty though, I saw quite a few pearls opened and all of them were bigger than 6.5]  Then she goes on her drum to let everyone know that you got a large pearl!


I then went and picked out my ring setting and was told it would be ready in an hour!  At this point, Nick and I had to take a picture with Minnie & Pluto (I get a free 5×7 with the Chase Disney Visa Credit Card I have) and then we came back to pick up my ring!

I originally purchased it to go on my right ring finger, but my fingers were a little swollen from the humidity that day and I accidentally got it one 1/2 size too big for that finger, so now I wear it on my left pointer finger.  I got it as a size 4.5, but I need a size 4.  Nick’s sister-in-law, Kathryn, thought that was insane!  I’ve always had really small fingers though, even after popping them practically my whole life!   Having recently worked at a jewelry store this past Christmas season, I know I can get “speed bumps” to tighten my ring which I think I’ll do at some point so I can wear it on my right ring finger again!



I’m absolutely in love with this ring and it will always remind me of the most perfect day Nick and I had at Disney!

  • Have you gotten a fresh water pearl ring before?  Where at?
  • Are you like me about purchasing things for yourself?  I have a hard time buying something unless I know I really want it or really like it!  This makes me very indecisive sometimes.

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