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Free Yoga Friday: What I Didn’t Review

By Anytimeyoga @anytimeyoga

I do actually have couple of longer videos that I’ll review in the coming weeks. However, as they’re longer, it means I need to work with each at least one additional time before I’m ready to write about them. It’s just a lot to try to remember otherwise.

In the meantime, though, I thought I’d post here — without much further comment — some of the online practices I found that I decided not to review in detail. They might be ones that just didn’t click with me for whatever reason, ones I found too long or short to want to do a second time, ones I tried and thought, “how would I describe this?”, whatever. The only disclaimer I will make is that I’m not going to post anything that I worry is largely unsafe — though of course, different activities can be un/safe for different people, so it’s good to know your parameters and exercise your own best judgment.

Full Length Gentle Yoga Practice:

Dorm Room Yoga (or yoga for small spaces):

20 Minute Full Body Stretching Routine

Finally, if there’s anyone who feels drawn to one of these and wants to guest review it, please consider this an invitation. :)

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