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Fragile X

By Joysautismblog @joysautismblog

If you don’t know what Fragile X is then you can read about it here. It was recommended by various doctors to get Adrian tested for this. We hadn’t done it yet but this week I talked with a nurse and got the order into the lab. I took Sanura and Adrian today for a blood draw. They both did awesome getting their blood drawn, no crying or freaking out. As the needle was going toward his arm Adrian started saying very dramatically “no, no, no, noooo!” but he held very still and I was proud of him.

When we were going into the clinic I told Adrian we were seeing a doctor and he said “yeah lets get my baby sister” I think he thought we were there to pick up a baby because he kept saying “where’s my baby? I want my baby!”

Nevaeh is having a kind of boring birthday today, her party is tomorrow night. She doesn’t seem to mind that we’re waiting an extra day though and I ordered pizza for dinner for her.

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