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Fort Kochi, Mattanchery and Jewish Synagogue

By Vishnudas
Fort Kochi, Mattanchery and Jewish synagogue The demand for Holiday packages came with the rush of tourists to India
, especially Kerala. These enthusiastic travellers urged for the need of seamless touring coupled with efficiency. Kerala, the land blessed with diversity has a handful of tourist locations to please the different minds. Tourist season in Kerala is treated as a festival as it offers the scope of promoting Kerala’s tourism and culture worldwide. 

The development corporation has taken strict measures to maintain the ecological balance while doing this uplift. Like any other state, Ernakulam has also a variety of historical places, cultures and sceneries for those who need. Kochi the heart of Ernakulam is known as the Queen of the Arabian Sea. Heavy rush of tourists are seen in the ever-growing metro. There are a lot of Holiday packages available to visit Kochi and to indulge in it.

These packages are available at a bargain to those customers who wish to fly with Kochi. Important tourist destinations in Kochi include the Malabar Coast of backwaters, Marine drive, Fort Kochi, Mattanchery and Jewish synagogue. Most of the providers allow a comprehensive walkthrough. With all the facilities and services they provide, the hobby of touring will be like a walk in the park for the tourists to view and know Kochi.

 A variety of delicious, traditional food stuffs will be made available for the tourists to enjoy the native culture and tradition. These packages come as an all in one offer in which sightseeing, stay, food and extracurricular activities are included. The native Kettuvellams offer pure riding pleasure to those who need to enjoy the sound of water bashing on to the planks of the boat. 

Day and Night rides thrill those adventurous travellers who are in search of journeys that last a lifelong. While providing this kind of activities, they also give important attention to security measures also. Fit surroundings are provided to the customers whose well-being is of utmost importance.

They can provide rides through the rural areas of Kochi to understand the culture and formalities of those dwelling there. Goshree Bridge and Cherai beach are also under the checklist of these providers. Kochi is home to many ancestral traditions and foreign settlements. The service providers also take these tourists on a ride to these places to keep them informed. 

This tour helps those guests who want to enjoy the nostalgic atmosphere and the interesting trends among the rural and urban areas alike. Well-equipped and informative guides are an added feature of these providers. They keep it clear and precise so that the tourists have a clear outlook of what they saw and visited. Some of the providers give a complete touring solution for all of Kerala which can be as 10 days long or more. 

There is nothing more refreshing than the setting sun which faces a tourist gliding slowly through the silent backwaters of Gods own Country. It’s obviously clear that the historical importance Kochi holds is supreme and that’s the major reason for the downpour of tourists.

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