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Focused Intention

By Nadine
Without even realizing it, I slowly let my focus slip away. Over the past few months, I've been more busy with contract work than with teaching. When I was teaching I was focused and present. But when I wasn't teaching, my mind and attention was often on my contract job. I was getting behind on some of the business projects I have going (like getting more audio files recorded for download).
And my business has suffered because of this. I am a big believer in intention. And I had lost my focused intention. Now I am making efforts to restore it.
One way is by committing to a certain number of adminstrative hours each week for the business (regardless of how busy everything else is).
The other thing I've done to remind myself of my intention is to sometimes wear my mala (Buddhist prayer beads). I'm not one to wear my mala all the time. However, if I'm wearing it I do find it a constant reminder that my priority is my teaching and therefore the business. I find this extremely helpful when I'm working at my contract job.
It's all about balance. I need the contract job to help pay the bills. But my purpose is to share Yoga (asana, meditation, and more) with others. And to truly be successful at that requires focus while I teach but also plenty of focus outside of those hours.

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