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Florida Birthday Re-cap 1

By Hblack79

Good Morning!  I was looking through some pictures yesterday and realized that I never shared about our trip to Disney and my birthday.  I’m warning you now, this will be a major picture overhaul, but I feel like I actually did a good job at enjoying myself tremendously while also capturing what all happened.  It was a jam packed trip, but we had such a wonderful time, I couldn’t have asked for a better way to celebrate my birthday!  I’ll break this into a two part blog post.

On Monday, we headed out of town around 11pm.  We had plans to grab breakfast with our friends, Joel & Charlotte, in Atlanta.  It was a slight detour, but we decided it’s probably worth the trouble in the future because we were able to try a new restaurant and spend some time catching up with them.  Although it was extremely short, it was very sweet!


They decided to take us to Thumbs Up Diner, which was absolutely delicious!  I think we were all impressed with our choices for breakfast that morning.  I went with a veggie omelet, a slice of french toast, and a hot cup of coffee.


After breakfast, Joel & Charlotte had to head off to work and we started our journey down to Gainesville to see Nick’s brother & sister-in-law.  We were just dropping by because we knew we’d be seeing them very shortly at Disney World since they were coming down the day after us.  While we waited on Trey to get back in town, we had a delicious lunch and visited a unique grocery store down the street from their house.  I can’t for the life of me remember what this place was called, but we found a few things that we were excited to try!


We got some dark chocolate cherries that were really delicious, but we didn’t get a chance to finish the bag because we accidentally left them in the car and they completely melted (FAIL.)  You all know how much I love Kevita, so I wanted to try this new-to-me flavor, Blueberry Cherry, along with a Kombucha brew that Nick picked out.  Our main reason for going was because Kathryn saw a vegan fruit chew that she thought I might like, so I definitely had to get some, but I ended up not liking it very much.  Nick loved them though and had no problem polishing off the bag.  Lastly, my cousin got me hooked on these homeopathic remedies when we were in Jamaica.  She has one that she uses for tension/stress and one that she uses for a hangover when needed.  I  never got too crazy in Jamaica, but there was one morning that I woke up less than par, so I tried one of her homeopathic remedies and it seemed to do a good job.  I wanted to find a sleep aid homeopathic remedy to help us fall asleep quickly at night so we would get as much rest as possible, so I picked that up while we were there also.  It seemed to work great throughout the trip too so I highly recommend it!

Of course, lots of fun with this little nugget during the entire visit – although it never seems like enough!


Tuesday night, Nick and I made the rest of our trip down to Orlando so I could be ready for my conference on Wednesday morning.  The conference ended up being super informative and I had some good vegetarian options.


This was a delicious Greek meal where I made a falafel pita pocket and had cous cous and a greek salad on the side.  Not much else to share regarding my work conference because I’m pretty sure I’d bore you all to sleep at the computer, so I’ll move on to Wednesday night after the conference.  I could have decided to join the conference attendees at a sponsored dinner, but it was at a steak house and I really wanted to spend some extra time with Kathryn and the baby, so I decided to meet them at their hotel for dinner instead.  We had an early birthday celebration and spent the evening snuggling on sweet baby Cade and chit chatting!



Kathryn and I both ordered a drink with our meal… I can’t remember exactly what it was, but it was pomegranate something I believe.  The point is that it was delicious!


Later than night, Nick and I went out to explore Downtown Disney for a bit.  So much has changed and so much continues to change in this area of Disney World!  We were a little overwhelmed with how crowded it was, but that helped prepare us for Thursday night activities, so I think it was worth the trip.

Thursday morning, I woke up to attend the remainder of my conference, again, I learned so many awesome things and I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to attend this special event in Orlando. After the event, I periodically checked my work e-mail to make sure I didn’t miss anything, but other than that, I shut off my work brain so I could focus on spending time with these wonderful people on my birthday at Disney World!  I’ll be back to share what activities we did for my birthday along with everything else that wrapped up a phenomenal trip to Florida!

Switching gears….

How are you?!  April was a busy month for me and I didn’t make a lot of time for blogging.  I certainly missed it.  I have a lot of random stuff going on right now, but things will slow down a little bit since Girls on the Run ends this week.  I’m going to miss these beautiful little girls!  I also jumped on the Arbonne ban-wagon and I’m so excited about it!  I’m not a “sales” person, but I love their products and I will happily promote them if I find value from them and believe in them.  Arbonne is 100% vegan, so I really cherish that about the company.  You’ll see a lot more posts and updates to the blog about Arbonne, so be on the look out.  If you ever have questions or are interested in sampling some products, feel free to reach out!  I’m working on my personal schedule right now so I can fit in everything I want to do – one of those things… reading blogs!  Holy cow, I have not sought out new blogs to read in ages and the blogs I do follow, do not get a lot of attention from me right now, but I crave that blogging interaction, so while I’m trying to find time for everything I have committed to or volunteered for, I also want to make time for YOU!

So seriously… the main questions I want you to answer in today’s comments – How are you doing?  What’s new with you?  Do you have an exciting trip planned?  Are you trying out a new venture?  Do you need prayer for something specific?  Just give me an update on your life because I know April flew by and I missed out on a lot of blogging interaction.

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