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Flip Flops That Make Your Feet Fit

By Arredmon @mamachallenge
Mom Mondays:
Disclaimer: I received these products for purposes of this review. All comments expressed here are my own. 
It's no secret I'd prefer to be barefoot to wearing shoes any day of the week. However, since it's kinda gross to walk around like that most the time, I'm always on the lookout for shoes that are good to my feet and hopefully are fashionable to wear as well. 

Flip Flops That Make Your Feet Fit
So when one of my favorite pairs of summer sandals bit the big one the other day, I was almost in a panic. Then like a little FedEx fairy, a box arrived at my doorstep with new flip flops that claimed with every little step my butt, hips and thighs are doing reversed incline stretches while tonight my muscles. So basically, I walk and and the worst parts of my body get a little more toned? So like any woman would, I tore the box open and put these babies on my feet immediately.

Flip Flops That Make Your Feet Fit
Developed by famed fitness icon Tony Little (you know the guy with the blonde ponytail exercising on the Gazelle trainer), his new footwear line appropriately named “Cheeks” is constructed with an inclined sole that imitates uphill walking. The shoes work by placing the body at a three-degree angle; most of the weight rests on the heels, thus promoting improved posture. 

I was able to wear these sandals every day, all day for going to work out, walking around Schlitterbahn, the grocery store - well everything. And because of the design, I could easily wear them with many outfits.  While I didn't take my measuments before I began weating the shoes, I can tell you I could feel a little strain on my legs after I wore them for hours - just like I had been running up a hill. Success.  Flip Flops That Make Your Feet Fit

And they have all kinds of styles too - from black, pink with some bling and even some interchangeable straps so you can coordinate your look by flipping it over!  Starting at $24.95 this line is definitely worth a walk around the block.  Available for purchase on and

Flip Flops That Make Your Feet Fit

Anytime Dr. Oz makes a recommendation, we all come running and buying. And these sandals from Wellrox were high on his list for improving balance, better posture or just a more comfortable stride. So of course, I was quick to give these "bear claws" a try.  By separating and providing individual thongs for each toe, Wellrox has developed "GRABS" technology, a revolutionary sandal that reduces the risk of slippage and enables a more surefooted gait. The GRABS™ technology offers added grip, relief, alignment, balance and support, so when spreading your toes, you’re redistributing your weight more evenly and begin using your proper foot muscles to walk as intended. This concept is well known throughout Yoga and wellness circles (yogitoes.)

Flip Flops That Make Your Feet Fit

These sandals bring much needed relief to your aching feet and leg muscles. You can wear them every day, or whenever you need recovery - before or after a workout or a Yoga session, or after a day of wearing constrictive shoes. You can even wear them for a pedicure. (At least they are much better than those throw-away shoes they give you at the pedi place!) 

You can buy these summer sandals at and local Macy retailers. For more information, visit

So now you have options to work out your feet and then give them a massage by just putting your shoes on!

Happy Walking!

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