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FLEXR Sports Bottle: Product Review

By Lifeasarunningmom @RunningMom6
The post is a sponsored post. I received product at no cost from FLEXR Sports to try and review. I am receiving no further compensation for this post. The opinions expressed are solely my own and I did not promise a positive review.
FLEXR Sports Bottle: Product ReviewThere are a ton of water bottles and hydration vests out on the market and every one is a bit different. When I was contacted to review the FLEXR Sports bottle I did confess that I am a hydration vest loving runner. I can't imagine my longer runs without one these days; however, there are those mid-length runs that don't necessarily require a vest and a bottle may be best. Plus, dear hubby is a bottle carrier and the insides of his bottles can get quite grungy. The idea of a liner that can be changed appealed to me.
The thing is, I am a conservation-focused mommy. Being green is of utmost importance to me. Yes, the liners are biodegradable but still, changing one for every that green? I asked if a liner had to be changed each time and the company assured me, no, they don't. Okay, one plus there. And the more I think about it, wouldn't it be lovely to give dear hubby a clean inside bottle every now and then? This is sounding good to me after all!
I did my test run with the bottle and yes, I liked it. It was easy to drink from and I loved that the nozzle is a sip nozzle and not one you need to open and close to avoid drink splashing out on you. Not only is that annoying it is a waste of precious fuel. When I tested the bottle I felt a bit of sloshing or perhaps just a minimal amount of movement of water in the bottle. It didn't bug me but I figured why not have the main bottle carrier give the bottle a test?
Dear hubby gave it a whirl and said he liked the bottle. His only complaint was that it didn't carry as much sports drink as what he is used to carrying. If it did, he would probably be reaching for it for each and every run versus his old bottle. The thing is we tested the 16 oz bottle. Yes, that is less than 24 oz. The good news, FLEXR Sports has a 21 oz or 28 oz bottle too. All of those too big? No worries, FLEXR Sports has a little 8 oz bottle as well. The bottles range in price from $9.95 to $10.95.
We haven't changed the liner yet and yes, we are cleaning it out and letting it dry between uses. I love that we have the ability to change the liner and will do so soon. I just haven't determined how many uses I want out of one liner. Remember, conservation is important to me. In all reality, if I reach for it next I will change the liner to ensure there is no Gatorade residue aftertaste as I am a VegaSport kind of gal. Oh and those liners, you can buy replacement packs of 25 for $2.95 or $4.95 for the 28 oz bottle.
An added bonus: the bottle comes with a little plug that you can insert into it if you want to go sans liner.
One more added bonus: FLEXR Sports donates 5% of their sales to charities. Currently, they are supporting The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, National Military Family Association, The Nature Conservancy, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Team in Training, and Global Down Syndrome Foundation. How cool is that?!
Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for the opportunity to try a new sports bottle.
Daily Affirmation: My heart is open to love.

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