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Five Minute Yoga: Morning Twist

By Anytimeyoga @anytimeyoga

I think I’ve mentioned before that I tend to sleep all curled into one side, which means various muscles on both sides of my back — and shoulders, abdomen, and hips — are all kinds of stiff come morning. So something like this is good to start to loosen things up.

Instead of holding, I tend to take it in an inhale-up, exhale-down vinyasa. I’m also likely to place a prop under my fingertips. My favorite is the seat of my couch, though a yoga block or two (stacked) would also work for folks who have them readily available.

As I tend to do these at the start of my day, I’m already apt to be like, “Why must I wear pants and why the fuck is there no coffee yet?” So looking around for where I may have misplaced any hypothetical yoga blocks (because I don’t actually have any) wouldn’t work for me.

This twist does, though.

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