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Fitness Friday: Yoga Challenge Week 2

By Fitnspicy @fitnspicy

I am entering the second week of my yoga challenge and a big component is thinking and writing about how it makes you feel. Normally I am not one to journal, I find it hard to sit down and write without feeling like I should be doing something else. But throughout this challenge I am really trying to embrace everything that yoga has to offer.


Fitness Friday: Yoga Challenge Week 2


A few benefits of a regular yoga program:


  • increased strength
  • improved flexibility
  • weight loss
  • definite stress reduction
  • improved focus
  • a better body image
  • improved sleep patterns
  • improved eating habits


For the first time in the 3 years I have doing yoga regularly I have been working hard to really be present and just let all of the thoughts go. I get antsy during the quiet moments and thoughts immediately fill my mind. Having been going to yoga at least 2-3 times a week for the past month I have noticed that the thoughts don’t flood in so quickly, I am feeling more focused, sleep has been a little better than normal and gong more often has helped me achieve a few postures that eluded me in the past. By being more present and focused I was able to get into headstand relatively easily and actually stay up for more than 2.3 seconds. Achieving a full immersion felt so good and was something I had never been able to get into and hold.


My goal was 15 classes in the month of June, I am 1/3 of the way there and only one week in!


6/1- C2 (heated vinyasa style class)

6/3- Sculpt (I like to describe it as a heated yoga boot camp with weights. Kicks my butt every single time, I leave a sweaty exhausted and happy girl.

6/5- Sculpt

6/6- C2

6/7- C1.5, it felt good to take a small step back in a class and really focus on form


This weekend I am aiming for at least 2 classes, maybe 3 if I am feeling adventurous and really want to master this challenge.


The winner of the Noodles Giveaway is Lauren, I will email you to get your address. Congrats and enjoy.

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