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Fitness Friday: Workouts for a Reason

By Fitnspicy @fitnspicy

Since I am at the tail end of planning a wedding it has been interesting to hear all about the “Bridal Boot Camps” and other workouts geared towards brides. There are forums, contests, and just about other thing that you can think of to market weight loss to brides. I find the whole thing rather humorous! I have not changed my workout routine, diet, or anything else that has to do with my overall health. In fact, it really annoys me when I hear someone say I am only working out for xyz event. No. No. No!

In a quick Google search for Bridal Workouts there were 29 million(!!) results. Really? Dedicated websites, magazines, fitness programs and dvds. Crazy! I workout for my overall health, just because I have an important event coming up doesn’t mean I do more. I just keep doing what I have always done. Getting to the gym and yoga 3-5 times per week and eating healthy most of the time. The extreme programs that some people go to really are not safe and they will never maintain their changes.

I rely on things like the Best Body Bootcamp, it is week 3 and I am loving it. Challenging workouts that focus on keeping me strong. No gimmicks, just hard work. When I put on that dress I know I will look my best because I have earned it. By sticking to my workout program and eating healthy foods. Not an unsolvable mystery but it does take hard work and dedication.

Plan for the Next Week:

Today: Off

Saturday: Best Body Bootcamp

Sunday: Vinyasa Yoga Class (heated)

Monday: Best Body Bootcamp

Tuesday: Yoga Sculpt

Wedneday: Best Body Bootcamp or Off (depending on how my body feels)

Thursday: Yoga Sculpt

Friday: Off

Saturday: Off for a VERY important reason

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