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Fitness Friday: Random Thoughts

By Fitnspicy @fitnspicy

I did a random thoughts post on Sunday that was a lot of fun, just sitting down and opening Live Writer and putting all those random thoughts in a blog post. Doing the same today, but it is fitness related. I have had a regular workout schedule for the past 10+ years! At least a few times a week doing cardio, weights, yoga, and the occasional class.

  • I will never understand the woman who are at the gym at 6am with a full face of makeup and their hair done. Do they shower and get ready before going to the gym? Why? Aren’t they there to sweat? I can understand in the afternoon since they probably came from work or had gotten ready for the day. But the morning? Why?
  • The people in the gym who do the exact same thing every workout, change it up! Make it more interesting, it will make your workout go much faster.
  • Men who go to the gym to hit on every woman they see. Guys most of us are there to workout, not to be “chatted up” for 20 minutes. This is why I wear headphones!
  • Speaking of headphones, if they are in my ears it means I don’t really want to talk to you! I am there for a reason. I smile and nod but don’t really have time for a conversation at 6am.
  • When I go to yoga and see everyone in head to toe Lululemon. I love it but I can’t afford 15 outfits of it, I have one pair of Lululemon pants and a few tops that I got at a serious discount.
  • It makes me cringe when I see people in the weight room with horrible form, please don’t injure yourself! I would rather do 1 perfect squat then 10 bad ones. It is all about the form.
  • If you are a woman and not lifting weights? Why not? Get in the weight room. It helps prevent osteoporosis and you look so much better with a little muscle. I promise you will not bulk up and look like The Incredible Hulk. You will fill out your clothes and strong is sexy.

Things I LOVE about fitness:

  • Week 2 of Bootcamp. Hello butt kicking workouts! They make me feel strong and really challenge me. I look forward to every workout.


  • Blueberry Smoothie’s from LifeCafe, so darn good! I got a coupon for a free one and enjoyed every single sip of it.
  • Leaving a hot yoga class drenched from head to toe in sweet. It is a good thing I walk to yoga and don’t have to get in my car all sweaty. My mind equates sweat with a good workout. Bring on the sweat!
  • Bic Bands. I purchased 4 and use one every workout. Best headbands ever, they keep my hair out of my face. And considering that my hair is long and driving me nuts these make me happy.

Any random fitness thoughts you want to add?

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