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Fitness Friday: Pv.body Review

By Fitnspicy @fitnspicy

With a few days off for the holidays while we spent time in Wisconsin and just being a big bump on the log because I was crabby with bad news I haven’t been all that stellar with workouts.

While we were in Wisconsin there wasn’t a gym to go (hello small town with no major gym chains) and I kind of fell off the fitness wagon. Now that doesn’t mean I sat on the couch eating chocolates and doing nothing (well maybe a tiny bit of that) but I did get a few walks in and I think playing with my almost 2 year old niece counts as activity too. That girl can MOVE. If I only had the energy of a 2 year old to go non-stop.

(Insert gratuitous picture of said cute niece)

Christmas 2012 (4 of 10)

And my brother (think we look a bit a like?)

Christmas 2012 (5 of 10)

You can tell she gets her style from me right? My brother is not exactly Mr Great Dresser. Sweater dress, tights and shoes. Right up my ally.

Christmas 2012 (10 of 10)

I did get back to a normal routine this morning with a C2 Vinyasa class and we are planning on hitting the gym Saturday and I have a very important girlfriend yoga date on Sunday morning.

The real reason for a Fitness Friday post is a pv.body. I have a SERIOUS workout apparel addiction. Hello 2 drawers worth. But I could not say no when pv body wanted to send me a top and bottom. Who would say no to that? I proclaimed my love of bright colored fitness gear for the gym and yoga and a package arrived.

Super soft yoga pants and bright blue top. Good for gym or yoga and they satisfy my need to wear bright colors to the gym. You pick the style of top and bottom, what kind of fitness activity you are into and your box ships. So easy and I really love it. I actually signed up for a monthly box, you can cancel anytime and I need a few more staples (not really, but I just wanted more gym clothes)

pv body (3 of 6)

I did wear a sports bra under the top, but I do that with 90% of my workout tops unless that have a really good support with cups. Flashing people in yoga and at the gym isn’t really my thing.

pv body (4 of 6)

You can get 20% off your first box if interested (full disclosure, it’s an affiliate link but if I can I will donate the money)

For $49.95 you get a top and bottom. A really good deal and this is coming from someone who scores the sales rack, shops at Marshalls/TJ Maxx and can only dream about a full wardrobe of Lululemon.

p.s. The winner of the Sambazon giveaway is Kara (who just so happens to be my yoga date for Sunday)

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